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Wes Edens and his bid for MLS Las Vegas team project

Wes Edens, a successful sports team investor, and operator is spearheading a project that seeks to attract the 30th MLS team at Las Vegas. The prospect of a Las Vegas expansion franchise in 2023 intrigues Don Gambler, Commissioner of the Major League Soccer. This development of a 30th team in the MLS has favored Las Vegas after a bid to set up a unit at Sacramento failed to fall through.

Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris, his co-owner of the English premier league team Aston Villa have trademarked the name ‘Las Vegas Villains,’ which will be the name of the new MLS team should their project succeed.

Alongside Wes Edens and Nassef Sawiris is Bill Forey, the current owner of Metropolis Knights and another cluster of investors interested in leading the MLS expansion project to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas market continues to grow from a population perspective. With the Gold Cup Final test event, success in the Las Vegas market has been evident, and the league final will be there. The MLS has been determined to welcome its 30th team before the 2026 world cup and continued to consider the Las Vegas market highly.

With the excitement surrounding the expected return of MLS to Las Vegas, Gambler admits that the MLS has a long way to go before it decides on its 30th member.

Gambler is an admirer of Wes Edens, a successful sports team owner, and is confident with a successful new MLS Las Vegas team having him as an investor and operator. He also looks forward to a strong MLS team in Las Vegas.