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Tremendous contribution of Jason Hughes in the commercial construction management in San Diego

Successful entrepreneur and CEO Jason Hughes is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Hughes Marino, based in San Diego. He launched his career in tenant representation in the 1980s and worked for Cushman & Wakefield in Century City. After gaining enough experience, Jason Hughes moved to San Diego, where he made great strides in representing corporate, non-profit, and municipal tenants by negotiating their lease and purchase terms. 


With his wife, Shay, Jason Hughes has been an influential figure in the construction industry. Under his leadership, Hughes Marino has grown to the largest tenant and buyer representation firm prominent with numerous offices across the country. Jason Hughes has transformed existing trends in the industry by improving customer experience through guaranteed results and services. He has also pioneered new legislation meant to protect tenants against fraud and increase fairness.


He has achieved this by ensuring all negotiations are in writing when dealing with brokers. This law has been effective, especially when dealing with a broker representing tenants and landlords, to avoid conflict of interest. For over three decades, Jason Hughes has negotiated significant and complex leases in the country (Cascadebusnews).


Jason Hughes graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University. He later advanced for his master’s in Business administration in finance from the University of San Diego. He has used his expertise in lease restructuring to negotiate the most significant tenant lease transactions in major cities, including San Diego. Additionally, Jason Hughes has taken numerous executive programs from various prestigious institutions. Due to his expertise in the construction industry, he has appeared in numerous business publications.