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Tim Murawski Career

Tim Murawski graduated with a bachelor’s degree in operations in supervision and management from Western Illinois University. His career started in research and development, where he worked in a chemical company in the purchasing department. Later he discovered that working in sales meant to get good for him, more so in the medical industry. 


In this, successful healthcare expert Tim Murawski´s career started in Baxter International Inc. in the sales department, where he got involved in the company selling needleless IV products. The needles in the 1990s got most used in the health care professionals who got used in treating HIV and Aids patients who accidently needles sticks. Tim Murawski´s impact selling of the product transformed the company into the best in safety and quality technologies. Tim Murawski currently serves as the chief commercial officer in Augmedics, based in the Chicago area. 


The Augmedics medical research company deals with making medical devices that ensure they help in the augmentation of spinal injury. Tim Murawski has worked for the longest time as a business leader in biotechnology as a specialist. Before joining Augmedics in 2019, he has served as a leader in many companies dealing with medical devices (Healthtechzone).

Tim Murawski has worked for Mazor Robotics for ten years, where he led major roles in the medical company Caesarea in Israel. Mazor started as regional sales director. Later, he got promoted as the regional manager at Mazor Robotics before being promoted as vice president in January 2016 of the US accounts. After working in the position for 18 months Tim Murawski got again promoted as the vice president in the August 2017 global renaissance business.