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 SeaWorld Keeps Their Vision Over 50 Years

SeaWorld started out over 50 years ago. They are well known for their amusement parks and wild life conservation. They offer a wide variety of amusement. SeaWorld offers a place of entertainment, thrills, laughter, and education about marine life. SeaWorld is committed to doing research to help marine life. They have been making a difference one act at a time!

SeaWorld Collaborates with Companies to Make a Difference

SeaWorld is working hard to help marine life. They have partnered with Disney and OCEARCH in search of an answer. They have been doing research to help preserve great white sharks and marine life. They also provide education to visitors and residents about marine life and it’s role in our ecosystem. SeaWorld is the place to go, to help make a difference!

SeaWorld Offers a Variety of Entertainment

SeaWorld is providing a variety of entertainment at their various locations. The theme park in Orlando is starting their Sesame Street Parade back up! They will also be providing firework shows, when restrictions allow. SeaWorld did not stop there! The San Diego location will be providing Hal-O-Scream and Electric Ocean. They will be open later hours, during the summer, to illuminate the theme park in lights. They will provide live bands, performances, story time and interactive play. Their Hal-O-Scream event is a nighttime event for the adults to enjoy. It will offer rides in the Dark, live performances, haunted houses, zombies and much more. They will also be providing Halloween entertainment for children, during daylight hours. SeaWorld’s Spooktacular will provide entertainment, trick-or-treating, pumpkin hunts and prizes. This wide variety of entertainment is allows an experience of a lifetime for everyone!

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