Rick Smith – Getting Securus to the Spotlight

When discussing the success of companies, we may see things to be the best; there will be a lot of similarities in explaining the achievements. For sure there is a dozen of companies that are known to be great, the truth is that those businesses have worked to be there. Although many factors that will determine success, some crucial variable is the top leadership. Richard Smith commonly referred to as Rick is the person whose management skill has put Securus in the spotlight of success.

When Rick was appointed the CEO of Securus in the year 2008, many had confidence in him owing to his education and career achievements. For his training, he has an associate’s degree in Applied Science and Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, before studying Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York. To cement his education, he acquired two master degree one in mathematics from the State University of Brockport and an MBA from University of Rochester. Visit securustechnologies.com for more info.

His education would mean nothing if he could not put it into practice. His careers achievements speak more about him that justify the training he went through. His first work was with Frontier Corp previously known as Global Crossing where he worked for twenty-six years. For this period, he worked as the controller, director of marketing and development, head of IT, chief information officer before getting a promotion to be the vice-president of financial planning.

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Rick later moved to Eschelon Inc. a firm that will always be proud of his nine years of service for increasing the revenue from $30 to $350. His excellent work at the company as the financial officer earned him a promotion to Chief Operations Officer. This achievement was not a means to end, he continued to prove his worth, gaining him the promotion to the president of the company and finally the CEO until 2007.

When Rick Smith arrived at Securus, his career kept glowing even brighter. One of the changes he has put in place is meant to counter competition. To make Securus unique, he has set up a call center for his customer to make the technology more efficient. Moreover, he has trained field agent who collects the relevant information and responds to any complaint by the customers. Mr. Rick Smith Securus has also made internal changes for motivation and appreciation of the employees. At least once a year, there is a festival for all employees which include the retired ones. Read more on glassdoor.com about Rick Smith Securus.

The changes at the company have contributed to an immense growth with the company currently serving over 26,000 correctional facilities that host over one million inmates. Through investing in both human resource and technology, Securus Company is leading the way in making the correctional facilities thank the marvelous work by Rick Smith.