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Learn More About Desiree Perez

Among the global events in the music and film industry that targeted women is the annual Billboard Women in Music event. This event takes to honor and recognize women in leadership, skilled and talented in the industry. The Billboard Women in Music Award comes with diverse categories comprising a wide range of all-star music industry. The event aims to recognize various artists and top executives in the industry and applaud the strong female voice behind the scenes in the industry.

It’s important to note that one of the most significant and successful Billboard Women in Music events that have ever taken place is 2019. The event brought to the limelight one of the global leaders in the industry by the name Desiree Perez who was named the Billboard executive of the year. Desiree Perez at the moment when she got recognized for the role she plays in the music and film industry, was serving as the chief operating officer at the Roc Nation,

Coincidentally, immediately after Desiree Perez got named the Billboard Women in Music Award personality of the year, she was also appointed as the Roc Nation Chief Executive Officer from the position she held for about a decade of Chief Operating Officer. Thus, the honor of the Roc Chief Executive officer came at such a time when she was ripe on her career. This recognition increased her executive prominence in the industry, her visibility and also brought to the light the role and responsibilities she performs at the Roc Nation and more

As the new Chief Executive Officer, Desiree Perez has one of the challenging opportunities and roles of developing Roc Nation to become one of the leading companies in the music industry where they have a dying interest. Roc Nation is also involved in other activities apart from producing music; some include publishing, branding, philanthropy, and other functions.

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