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Joseph Ashford Discusses Choosing Investments and Business Strategies

Joseph Ashford Ellis is one of the few entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide who have had the rare opportunity to enjoy business success across multiple sectors. He launched his multi-dimensional firm, K4 Global, in 2014 and has operations in the media, property, tech, and classic cars sectors. Besides this, the London business leader is very philanthropic and is the founder of The Butterfly Foundation, a charity creating awareness and supporting individuals living with epidermolysis bullosa (EB). In a recent interview, Joseph discussed choosing investments and business strategies.

Learning from the past to fuel future success

According to Joseph Ashford Ellis, many struggling entrepreneurs never learn from their mistakes in the past. Thus, they end up making the same mistakes in the future and have difficulties making any progress with their business. Joseph Ashford Ellis mentioned that in his two decades as a business leader, he has observed that learning from the past is a great way to fuel future success. This is because if you learn from past mistakes, you will be better prepared to handle the challenges that come in the future.

Focus on the long-term objectives

The London entrepreneur said that although short-term success is more exciting as its quicker to achieve, a business strategy should focus on the long-term objectives. It can be better if the short-term successes are designed to contribute to the long-term successes. Joseph Ashford Ellis mentioned that business leaders should be ready to make the necessary changes to their strategy to keep the enterprise’s focus on the long-term objectives.


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Taking a holistic approach to business success.

The K4 Global founder pointed out that it was crucial for business leaders to take a holistic approach to the success of their enterprises. This means that they should prioritize providing unbeatable value to their clients and not just making money. Joseph Ashford Ellis said that taking such a holistic approach enables an enterprise to achieve tremendous success.

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