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Jam City Strikes a Deal with Fortress Investment Group in Its Quest to Acquire Ludia

Jam City has been the ultimate leader in the mobile entertainment industry for quite some time now. The company that has been credited with providing its fans with deeply engaging and unique games recently broadened its global audiences. The company that has been in operation for many years has continued to build its portfolio by developing enduring franchises. Up to date, the company is said to have generated over 3 billion dollars in lifetime bookings and has cumulatively installed close to 1.3 billion dollars. When the company sought funding from the New York-based, Fortress Investment Group, it aimed to fulfill its set mission.

Credible reports have depicted that Jam City has received numerous Best Game awards from Facebook, Apple, Pocket Gamer, and Google. Additionally, the company has won awards from Writer’s Guild, Media Excellence among others. Before the company could complete the massive acquisition of Ludia Inc. funded by Fortress Investment Group, it had already achieved double-digit annual growth in profitability and bookings. It has been established that Jam City will use the funds from Fortress Investment Group in financing its strategy to build novel and innovative studios across the globe in line with its mission.

Fortress Investment Group is a highly diversified and leading investment manager across the globe. The firm that was founded in the year 1998, is estimated to manage over 53 billion dollars’ worth of assets as of March 2021. The company that has its headquarters situated in New York City is said to have over 1,800 private investors and institutional clients. The firm’s clients and investors are spread across the world leading to the company gaining a global reputation. After close to a decade since the company kick-started its operations, New York was listed in the NYSE in 2007. The company is known to offer a wide range of services ranging from real estate to private equity. To learn more visit: here.