In His Head – Alexandre Gama

     Lies in the media hurt us as a country when we put our heads in the sand and believe what we are told. Do not ever believe what you are told. Question everything you learn, every fact you come across because discovering the truth will set us free as a country and as human beings. Asking questions is as natural as breathing, it’s what we started doing from the time we could form words and thoughts, we can take this natural instinct and use it to better ourselves: This is the life story and greatest word of insight that Alexandre Gama has to share. It is, in fact, the core of his very personality. Alexandre Gama, as time and chance have shown, is a man of truth and conviction: To get inside his head is to see many a beautiful thing and wish to share it with the world – just as he has.

He was not always rich. He grew up in “slum Brazil” and worked hard as a copywriter for many years. His work was recognized in time. He then went on to found Neogama and runs it to this day – showing the world that nothing’s impossible.