Hussain Sajwani Has Done His Best!

There is a very successful Middle Eastern man out there by the name if Hussain Sajwani! Sajwani is a graduate of The University of Washington, which seems unlikely for someone who is worth billions of dollars. He came out of that school with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Afterwards, he went back to the United Arab Emirates to work in the finance section of the oil industry.

Eventually, he left that career and started a catering company. The catering company still exists, but it is not the gem that he is known for. After the catering company, he established DAMAC—the company that really brought in the profits and made him famous. DAMAC specializes in dealing with and developing lands into luxury properties. The company has brought Sajwani into contact with many important figures, such as Donald Trump and Tiger Woods. Few people in the world have achieved what Sajwani has achieved—fame, fortune and famous acquaintances.

Sajwani was the child of a shop owner. Luckier than most, the Emirati government granted him a scholarship. This gave him the opportunity to attain a degree in an American collegiate institution. Eventually, he started a business in the United Arab Emirates where he catered food. There were times when his company served troops.

The early 2000s saw the establishment of DAMAC—a property development company that builds luxury buildings and developments. Over the years, Sajwani’s company built pieces of heaven in the desert of Dubai—an expensive, luxury city that serves as a metaphorical oasis in the desert. Dubai has been a gold mine for those who have been smart enough to invest in property development. Due to the business that Hussain Sajwani conducts in Dubai, as well as all across the world, he has shimmied his way onto the tops of various lists that measure the success levels of companies. Surely, his parents must be proud, if they are still alive, that is!

Sajwani currently lives in Dubai with his wife and four children. His son, Ali Sajwani, has recently graduated with a degree in economics from Boston’s Northeastern University. Here’s his website to know more.

Facebook: @HussainSajwaniOfficial
Instagram: @hussainsajwani