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 Eterneva Partners with Phaneuf Funeral Homes And Crematorium

Eterneva is a cremation-diamond company founded by Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar in 2017. The consumer technology company produces diamonds from carbon extracted from cremated ashes. It is a grief wellness brand that celebrates the lives of remarkable people and pets by producing memorial diamonds from their ashes. Eterneva walks with the bereaved through an intricate journey to create a more meaningful experience. The diamonds are personalized in the cut, size, color, and inscriptions given by the customers to reconnect with their loved ones.

The deathcare company has partnered with several funeral homes country to ensure that every grieving family gets a chance to choose the memorial diamond services. Recently, the company partnered with Phaneuf Funeral Homes & Crematorium. Both companies are looking forward to bringing innovation to the grief wellness space.

Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium is one of the oldest funeral homes in New Hampshire. The family-owned funeral home has been serving funeral service for the public since its inception in 1906. Phaneuf has five fully operational funeral homes and two chapels, and it’s the largest funeral service provider in New Hampshire and Vermont. The company is an award-winning establishment with several awards and recognitions under its wings.

Through this partnership, the bereaved families of Hampshire and Vermont will get a new memorial option that offers a personalized grief journey. The partnership also marks the beginning of innovative and progressive approaches in the deathcare and grief space. The companies aim at bringing more innovative options for people looking for a way to honor and celebrate the lives of their loved ones while getting the assistance they need in the grieving process.

According to Phaneuf Funeral Home & Crematorium president, he is excited about the partnership because the two parties have so much to bring to the table. Through Eternevas’ Customer engagement approach and Phaneuf’s commitment to offering outstanding customer services, they will bring new and exciting ways for their client families to memorize their loved ones.

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