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Dr. Tom Chang Gives Advice for Eye Health in the Middle of a Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way people do almost everything. Many people became more aware of ways to protect themselves and keep their families safe. Many made the choice to make their wellness a priority; even when it came to eye health. Students were having to spend more time on a computer than ever and workers were attached to their computers for the latest work updates (Md.com). 


So, many were concerned with how this will endanger their long-term eye health. Dr. Tom Chang wanted to use his expertise to help people understand what they should be doing to keep their eyes healthy. One thing that many were wanting information about is digital eye strain. Concerning Tom Chang MD his is eye and vision concerns related to using technology for extended periods of time. Some effects are blurred vision, dry eyes, eye fatigue and headaches. One thing Dr. Chang recommends utilizing the 20/20/20 rule. 

This means after using electronics, take a twenty-second break to look at something else besides technology. Dr. Chang advises looking at something at least twenty feet away in the distance and to continue to blink. Blinking will help dry eyes from occurring. For people who have the ability to obtain blue light eyeglasses, the specialist thinks it is a great idea to invest in a pair. People who already have corrective eyewear can also add blue light technology to their glasses. Dr. Tom Chang MD also advises removing electronics from the bedroom or utilizing night time modes on devices. All of these are great tips to ensure the health of the eye.