Shea Butter: It’s Also Good For Your Hair!


Shea butter is an oil-rich extract derived from the fruit of the Shea tree, which is indigenous to Africa. It has an oak-like figure, a life span of up to 300 years and has helped to sustain vast regions of Africa for centuries. But here’s why it’s good for your hair:



If you’re looking for something that shimmers and is soft to the touch, heat a mixture of Shea Butter and coconut oil, add a little honey and apply to damp clean hair. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the perks.



This works particularly well for thick hair. Heat a mixture of Shea butter with olive oil, lightly dampen hair and apply. Seal with the oil of your choosing.



soften a dab of shea butter with the palms of your hands and apply to damp hair. Once you’ve done this, use a detangling brush to work out the knots.



For lustrous curls, use shea butter as your go-to curling cream. It’s simple, just saturate the desired section of hair with a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil, then curl.



To protect your hair from the damaging heat of curling irons and straighteners, melt your shea butter into a liquid and mix with grapeseed oil. Apply a small amount to your hair and style with the iron of your choice.



If your scalp is particularly dry and irritated, use melted shea butter as a treatment, it’s naturally packed with vitamins that help with hydration, it won’t glogg your pores, and its anti-inflammatory properties will protect you against bacteria and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.



Not all shea butter is created equal, however, and many companies don’t specify how much their product contains. Enter Eu’Genia, a family owned company founded in 2014. Eu’Genia’s product is 95% raw shea oil. It is perhaps the finest quality shea butter on the market. The company, a social enterprise, is dedicated to sustainable sourcing.