A Look At The Mall That Roberto Santiago Built

Roberto Santiago, who was born in João Pessoa, Brazil, greatest business accomplishment is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall which he completed in 1989. The mall is considered one of the crown jewels of retail in the state capital city of João Pessoa. Since founding the mall Santiago has expanded it five times and it is now one of the largest shopping malls in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. In addition to shopping, the Manaira Shopping mall features many forms of recreation for guests to partake in as well as a college campus on the site.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping features 280 stores over 75,000 m² space. Roberto Santiago wants the mall to appeal to people of all ages so he has made sure that there are stores, spaces, and events the whole family can enjoy. The mall has a movie theater with 11 screens that features the most advanced video and audio equipment. The chairs in the theater are placed in such a way that every seat can view the entire screen with nothing blocking the way. Santiago also included a bowling alley in Manaira Shopping that also includes an arcade with over 200 video games that feature gameplay meant to appeal to everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans.

One of the expansions of Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago had constructed was a large expansion of the food court. Every type of food is now available from hamburgers to tacos to sushi. It also features upscale restaurants such as Espaço Gourmet, NAU Restaurant, and Capital Steak House. Additionally, Manaira Shopping has a ballroom and gym for reasons to come back often.

Another recent addition to the mall that Roberto Santiago had completed was Domus Hall which was finished in 2009. Domus Hall is a concert hall located on the roof of Manaira Shopping and features two levels. The lower level is for more private events while the top, which can hold up to 8,000 people, can hold concerts, conventions, art showings, theatrical performances, and other public events. Domus Hall is also air-conditioned so it can be used year round.

Roberto Santiago has brought João Pessoa a great amount of economic, social, and cultural development. The mall has brought in residential construction all around it as well as bringing in companies that want to develop near it. The shopping center segment of the Brazilian economy grew by 6.5% in 2015 and likely grew by over 5% during 2016. In both years over 2 million people visited and shopped at Manaira Shopping. The manager of Manaira Shopping, Rafaela Barros, has said that the shopping mall sector is stable and he is expecting it to grow over the next several years. Read more articles on jornaldaparaiba.com.