The Legacy of Marc Sparks

A legacy is what an individual leaves behind after she dies. Though she will eventually fade along with those who knew her, her legacy will outlive them all. Those who are truly great have legacies that last centuries. People know the names of their national heroes because they were great individuals.

Everybody who knew someone like Rosa Parks is gone. All of George Washington close friends, family, and the nation of people who adored him are all gone. Yet their legacies outlive them and the people still esteem them. Generations from now, the legacy of the serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks will outlive him.

Everybody Loves A Comeback

One reason that a man such as Ben Carson will receive so much attention is that he climbed from the bottom all the way to the top. He went from being one of the poorest kids in the world to one of the wealthiest men in the world through hard work and determination.

People love the story of a comeback. Marc Sparks is something of a comeback as well. When his teachers in high school saw him, they only saw an average kid whose grades typically stayed in the range of C+ to B-. But today, he is a published author and has started several companies. He is the classical story of a comeback, and that story is what will outlive him.

His Work With The Homeless

Most people just walk by the homeless man. Some may think that they wish they could do something for him, or they may drop a penny in his cup to ease their conscience. But when people are freezing and starving to death on the streets, they need more than spare change.

They need someone who will step forward and offer a real hand. They need someone who has true empathy for them and their situation. Men such as Marc Sparks will be remembered for their love for the homeless. He has always been a devoted contributor to the homeless shelter in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn. Similarly, he contributes to Habitat For Humanity, which builds homes for the poor and the homeless.

When history speaks of a man such as Marc Sparks, it will recall someone who was more than a businessman. Yes, he was a wildly successful entrepreneur, but he was much more. He was a man of empathy and charity.