The Oxford Club Is Preparing For The Next Crash

A History Of Accuracy

The Oxford Club isn’t simply a group of private investors. It’s one of the most successful investor groups around. When they say something needs to be done, it usually happens. So few people are prepared for the next market crash, according to Oxford Club, it’s becoming a serious problem. They plan on doing everything they can to help advise people on how they need to approach the problem. Many are paying attention and deciding to heed their warnings in anticipation.

The Next Crash Is Here

The conditions for a market crash are here right now. A new recession is long due and the market is simply too optimistic. Thus, the Oxford Club believes its time to find a way to handle this problem before it manifests itself in a disastrous way. Investors should consider pulling out if there are any negative signals being sent out by the market and perhaps even think about ways to invest in something that will help them when the tide goes the wrong way. These steps combined should be enough to help them withstand the problems that coming down the road.

About The Oxford Club

With more than 80000 members, the Oxford Club is dedicated to helping investors better understand what they need to do in order to guarantee people in general are better prepared for the world of finance. Their advice has helped people turn around their lives and given people an advantage they would otherwise not enjoy. People truly understand how to make sound investments much better after working with the Oxford Club and people truly understand what they need to avoid. This has given the Oxford Club one of the most respected names in the world of financial investments you can find.

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How Did EOS Lip Balm Outmaneuver Chapstick?

Every age has its powerful brand, which none think is assailable. For the 1980s computer industry, the brand was International Business Machine (IBM). The folks in the business simply called them “Big Blue.” They were the stalwart and dominated the market.

But, today Apple is “King of the Hill.” It was able to conquer IBM, by offering a more chic, streamlined, consumer-friendly computer. The same can be said for EOS Lip Balm.

“Dare to Be Different”

Most multinational corporations struggle to innovate. When your brand is #1 – there is no reason for change.

EOS made consumers happy.

Chapstick has been around for years and its sticks are very popular, but boring. The container is drab, just like the old IBM desktops. EOS provided a more aesthetically appealing container. Check out their website

“Enjoyable Experience”

Women like curved items, which might fit more in line with who they are. The EOS container is an egg. Of course, this has many important symbolic strengths for mothers. EOS has created a more female-friendly product.

It really was similar to Apple electronic devices. They aimed at creating fun, graphics systems in consoles which looked cool. Apple and EOS products can be displayed with pride.

“Style Conscious”

When your consumer “wants to use your product,” you have won. When your customer “wants to display your product,” you have won. EOS lip balm was successful due to becoming a stylish protective product, which satisfied their customer’s wants and needs.

It is not easy to conquer the industry leader. If you concentrate on under-served niches, then you have a chance. Be as cool as your customers are. TO learn more, visit

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Jim Hunt Demystifies Stock Trading


Jim Hunt of VTA Publications is a renowned investment professional and has been an active stock market investor for years. Mr. Hunt is well-known for his ability to spot trends in the market and predict trades with astonishing accuracy. He then translates this information for the average investor. He has a YouTube channel where he openly shares the details of his most recent investments as a way of educating the public on the secrets of stock trading.

The great mind behind VTA Publications


Jim Hunt is now the financial advisor and CEO of VTA Publications, a UK-based company that provides publishing services for non-fictional material for distance learning courses. VTA Publications was established in 2012 with a mission to enlighten the average person on the intricacies of stock trading and other aspects of economics and finance. It is also an event organizer, planning and hosting functions at which great business minds come to give expert advice to the average investor on becoming financially independent and other elements of finance and investment.


Jim Hunt recently launched the ‘Make a Mum a Millionaire’ challenge. Through his YouTube Channel, he demonstrates how an average person can become a millionaire in just 10 trades. According to him, the secret is to find the right stocks to trade in—the stocks which you are certain will give you big returns. Jim says that in stock trading, it is more about certainty of returns than speed. If you invest in the right stocks, you can start with a small amount and watch it increase tenfold in just 10 trades.




Mr. Hunt says on Twitter that he attributes his success in the financial market to his discipline and commitment to his goals. He sets very strict goals and comes up with strategies to help him achieve them. Jim does not let anything come between him and the goals he sets for himself. He is also a family man and a fitness enthusiast. Mr. Hunt is proud of the man he is today. Although he has made a few mistakes in his past, he has no regrets whatsoever as he has drawn important lessons from them.

Raj Fernando Establishes Chopper Trading And Scoutahead

Raj Fernando is among the leading entrepreneurs in the field of finance and technology. He began his career while still in college. Prior to establishing Chopper Trading and Scoutahead, Fernando served as a volunteer for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. During this time, he was a pursuing his education at the esteemed Beloit College. Later, he graduated with a degree in Economics and History. Raj Fernando held multiple positions in the firm. He moved to the Chicago Board of Trade. Between 2001 and 2002, Fernando served in the two prominent organizations. Armed with adequate experience, he founded his preliminary business, Chopper Trading.

Fernando is the CEO of Chopper Trading. He was the brain behind the organization. Through his transformative leadership, Raj enhanced the company’s growth. Chopper attracted and enlisted the services of many employees. In addition, he expanded the company’s operations. Chopper Trading traded on Nasdaq, ICAP-Broketek, CME, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, LSE, and Eurex. Recently, Fernando created an internet startup that sought to improve growth at the corporate and professional level. The company, Scoutahead, was designed to enhance output via secure and modern communication systems.

Raj Fernando designed a system that offers real time feedback on employee evaluation. Unlike the traditional system of reviewing employees on a yearly basis, Scoutahead seeks to provide a new way that allows employees to be responsible for their own growth in real time. The platform enables employee participation in deciding their evaluation criteria and in seeking continuous feedback from co-employees before the official review is conducted. It enhances the check-ins between managers and employees, which, in turn, improves talent management. In addition, it focuses on innovation, which is a crucial component for any organization.

Fernando has been actively involved in the functions of the U.S. Commodity Trading Futures Commission. The entity seeks to build transparent and financially sound markets. In 2013, Fernando addressed international media and shareholders at an exclusive industry event, the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference.

Moreover, Fernando supports philanthropic initiatives across in the United States. He sits on the board of various organizations, including American Security Project and PAWS Chicago. Over the years, Raj has supported different institutions such as the Clinton Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

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