Securus video visitation is more than just a video conference app

Historically, one of the main problems that prisons throughout the United States have faced is the illicit use of their communication systems by prisoners and gangs who are attempting to perpetrate criminal acts. This can range from extortion of other inmates to ordering hits and witness intimidation over the phone lines. The seriousness of this problem almost cannot be overstated.


But Securus Technologies, through the use of innovative VoIP-based communications technology, is beginning to bring an end to the use of prison communications devices for criminal activities. This is because Securus’ video visitation systems come with a suite of highly sophisticated security measures, which allow corrections officers and other prison staff to closely monitor and control all communications taking place on the prison systems.


Many inmates and their families have complained that Securus’ video visitation system is very similar to other video conference apps that they see on their computers and can oftentimes use for free. But this misses the aspects of Securus system that are taking place behind the scenes. Through the use of artificial intelligence and highly advanced transcription technology, Securus’ video visitation systems are able to monitor all conversations taking place across the prison, simultaneously.


The system is able to automatically monitor all conversations by parsing transcriptions of the conversations. The system then automatically looks for anomalous patterns, including the use of code words references to illegal activity and even whether or not the voice recognition system detects any banned parties or otherwise flagged individuals who have been previously identified as a threats to the institutional security and safety.


The system, in this way, is able to automatically prioritize cases, only bringing the most serious potential incidents and breeches to the attention of corrections officers. This allows officers to only spend their time on the most pressing concerns, leading to dramatically increased efficiency and, ultimately, increased safety of the institution.




Christmas with Securus

Securus is a technology company that serves the various jail industries. They have worked hard to make sure that they have different options for people who are in prison and for the people who they love. By doing different things in the jail industry, Securus has given the inmates the chance to make things easier on themselves. They provide commissary options for inmates, have video chatting options and even do special things during the holidays so that inmates can have a better time during this often depressing time of year while they are in prison and away from their families.


In the past, inmates were expected to buy their commissary goods directly from the prison. This meant that things were much more expensive, they were harder to get and a staff member had to be present for people to be able to buy things from commissary. With Securus, the only thing that prisoners need to do is place their order on the kiosk. The only part of the process that staff members are involved in is handing out the commissary items to prisoners once they have received them. The process is much safer for the staff of the prison.


Video chatting is huge right now. People do it on their smart phones, on their computers and in virtually every other situation. Prisoners are now also able to do video chatting. It is not always reasonable for loved ones to come visit the prisoners and, for that reason, Securus has come up with the idea of video chatting. While the prisoners still need to be monitored to some extent, video chatting does not require as much of a staff presence as actually receiving a visit to the prison would require people to do in the setting that they are in.

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Along with the video chats, Securus allows prisoners to do different things during the holidays. They offer reduced rates so that prisoners are able to talk to and see their families while they are in prison during the holidays. This is done for families who are not able to get to the prison or who are unable to visit their loved ones. Securus does this during the holidays because they recognize that this is a hard time for families, especially families that have loved ones who are in prison and who are unable to visit those loved ones during the Christmas season.