Soros Rises Again

George Soros scaled $27 million during the 2004 campaign in a spending meant to defeat President George W. Bush. He emerged again as a leading funder of the Democratic politics during the 2016 campaigns, and he is also the leading investor of conservatives. He donated $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. By the end of June 2016, Soros had given $7 million in support of Clinton through a donation to a super PAC known as Priorities USA Action. It was the single largest recipients of Soros’ donations. He also gave $2 million to an opposition research PAC known as American Bridge 21st Century. Approximately $0.7 million was also donated to an assortment of Democratic Party committees including Clinton’s campaigns and PACs.

According to his associates, Soros has accumulated a fortune of approximately $24.9 billion through risky currency trades. The Hungarian-born billionaire did not attend Clinton’s Democratic presidential nomination whom it is said he had had a 25-year relationship. The associates of Soros explained that the billionaire had just returned to active trading and had to monitor the economic situation in Europe at the time closely. The people close to him noted he was more engaged in politics in 2016 than in the previous years. His political adviser, Michael Vachon noted Soros has been a consistent donor to liberal causes but had increased his donations in 2016. He explained the commitment was due to Soros’s great care of the issues he has supported in the many years such as immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms. Read this story at about George Soros.

Apart from funding campaigns, in 2015, George Soros made the headlines when he was the solitary man at the center of the Ferguson protest movements. The man who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe surprised many with his support of the protest. Soros has forged a political machine that is powered by nonprofit making organizations that have a massive impact on the policy and politics of America. He stimulated the movement through several years of funding and mobilization of groups across U.S. He contributed at least $ 33 million in one year in support of the established groups that inspired the grassroots on the ground activists in Ferguson. The financial donations gave rise to an explosive protest movement that transformed one-day criminal event in Missouri into twenty-four hours a day national movement. The director of Soros’ open society, Kenneth Zimmerman noted that at the open society they believe having people participate in government is essential to living a just and more democratic society. It explained the involvement of Soros in the society and his funding of campaigns. Soros is committed to helping groups combine their policies, research, and collection of data to make the community more accountable. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

George Soros Couldn’t Get Clinton In The White House, But He Did Help Defeat Joe Arpaio

Billionaire investor George Soros may not have been able to get Hillary Clinton into the White House, but he was able to get Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of Arizona’s Maricopa County. It has recently been revealed George Soros spent about $2 million against the divisive County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the local elections this year.

After filing campaign finance documents, Soros’s PAC Maricopa Strong was found to have spent a great deal on anti-Joe Arpaio ads. The report also revealed that Steve Job’s widow, Laurence Powell Jobs, donated $250,000 to this cause, and Texas billionaires Laura and John Arnold donated $500,000 against Arpaio.

Besides local elections, Soros is known for his large donations to former Democratic presidential candidates. Soros gave an estimated $27 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004, and he donated $25 million to help Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton defeat Republican Donald Trump this year.

Since Donald Trump won the White House in November, Soros has been meeting with other liberal donors to decide what to do with their large funds. A meeting was recently held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington D.C. to discuss this very issue.

George Soros has come out publicly and denounced the rise in hate speech and hate crimes since Donald Trump’s victory. Soros said he plans on donating $10 million to further this cause in the ensuing weeks.

Getting back to Soros’s donations to local campaigns, Soros’s PACs were found to have spent large amounts of money in races in Houston’s Harris County, Phoenix’s Maricopa County, and both Gilpin and Jefferson counties near Denver.

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One reason Soros was so keen on investing against Arpaio was due to Arpaio’s strong stance against illegal immigration. Soros, himself an an emigrant of Hungary, is passionate about amnesty and immigrant’s rights issues. Soros has been committed in recent days to raising awareness and funds for migrants entering into Europe.

Most recently, George Soros pledged $500 million to help the refugees and migrants in Europe. This money will specifically go towards helping migrants integrate into their host countries by investing in startups and other established businesses.

Most of Soros’s funds went into positive political TV ads for Arpaio’s rival, the Democratic candidate Paul Penzone. One of the Soros-backed ads told viewers “Arpaio talks tough, but he doesn’t keep us safe.”

Employees at Soros’s PAC said there were two main reasons Soros invested heavily in this race. The first reason was that Soros believed Joe Arpaio was abusing his powers and violating civil rights. The second reason has to do with the national attention Arpaio has been receiving. Soros believes Arpaio’s strong stance against illegal immigration has been bad for the national conversation on immigration reform and amnesty.

Arpaio raised about $2.8 million from various sources for his own political TV ads. The Arpaio campaign relied heavily on Arpio’s national name recognition to gather donations from supporters.

It seems Soros’s efforts in Arizona helped Paul Penzone win the election. Penzone won against Arpaio 54 percent to 45 percent.