Life of Dr. Imran Haque in Medical Profession

Dr. Imran Haque is a highly qualified medical doctor who offers exceptional medical services majored in internal medicine. He has a first-class training, and a license as a medical expert with medical qualifications, which include M.D from the University of Virginia and a degree in medicine from Universidad Iberoamericana found in Santo Domingo. Imran is a Medical Doctor fully licensed practicing at Horizon Internal Medicine in Asheboro based in North Carolina. Dr. Imran has handled patients with different illness for a span of over 15years; his renowned experience has enabled him to gain an outstanding expertise that he employs to deal with wide range of diseases and medical examinations. Dr. Haque marks an epic of dedication with caring humane to serve the residents of Asheboro who come to seek for his services at his offices and facility.

Dr. Imran’s passion for business started a long time ago while young, as an upcoming doctor, he worked for a hospital-owned Internal Medicine practice which enabled him to realize the opportunity to expand the horizons of his community through providing efficient medical services that are not accessible locally. He got inspired by the positive feedback from the patients who were satisfied his services which compelled him to revive the medical community such as good bedside manner.

Imran regards bringing to life any worthy content oriented idea, all this calls hard work, diligence, conducting intensive research and financial strategy. He also counts on being orderly and patient, proper networking and creating symbiotic relationships with other skilled professionals to aid any business to rise to higher heights of success.

As an entrepreneur, Dr. Haque considers habits, which makes him productive-his ability to multi-task, which is inevitable in his daily routine as makes to become phenomenally above average hence allowing him to be a productive entrepreneur. Dr. Haque advice upcoming entrepreneurs to be cautious of other people’s motives and always have a human heart and resisting from being gullible to trust.

Considering a significant number of reviews from the patients he has treated, Dr. Imran is an icon in the medical profession, a caring medical practitioner who values and cares for the health of Asheboro residents. Many respect him for the professional connection and interaction with every patient whom he handles with great attention to make sure they get the best services in medical care, which makes every patient he attends to have a positive testimony to tell.

Copa Star Has Reached High Standards In Health Care Segment

It took three years for the Hospital Copa Star to get constructed. It is located in the wonderful city of Rio. Specifically, Copa Star is located in Figueiredo Magalhães Street which is in Copacabana. With this hospital, people in Rio have received new standards in the healthcare segment.

There is a lot that Copa Star Hospital embodies. It offers qualified service from highly educated and trained doctors and other staff. Besides, it offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The hospital makes use of sophisticated technology in order to provide the best care to its patients.

The architecture of this project resembles that of any other five star hotels. This hospital is a part of the concept that is being followed by the D’Or São Luiz Network. Hence they are going to implement the same concept in their other endeavors too.

This hospital is spread over 21,000 square feet of area. It is a seven-storied building. This hospital embodies innovation along with refinement. It provides a lot of convenience to the patient too. This is not found in any other hospital. A touch on the iPad enables the patients to have a conversation with their doctor. In the same way, they can request attention from their nurses or other attending staff. This technology has led to a lot of automation. They can change their bed features this way. In the same way, the intern will be able to change the lighting of the room. The curtains can be opened or closed like this. The doctor and other medical staff can access the examination reports easily this way.

The Copa Star was constructed with an investment that exceeded $ 400 million. Its construction started in 2013. Earlier the patients had to go to Sao Paulo or Albert Einstein in order to get good medical care. But now surgery and cardiovascular care is available at Hospital Copa Star.

Providing comfort by providing professional staff along with hotel type accommodations aids in the recovery of patients. The environment in Copa Star unites technology along with comfort that aids human experience.

Patients like to visit Copa Star as they get access to personalized as well as exclusive service. There are many thoughtful features such as ample area that allow for stretchers to pass through easily. This is not all. There is internal aromatization in order to take away the hospital smell. Besides, there are artworks on the wall. This gives the place a unique and attractive look.

This concept is not going to be limited to Rio only. It would soon be extended to other cities such as São Paulo and Brasília, besides others. This way others will also be able to make use of such innovative facilities. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.