Strategic Partner And Genius: Wesley Edens

In today’s world, being able to strategize and formulate successful plans built upon careful insights and meticulously formed dictums, this will almost assuredly guarantee you success. interestingly enough, there are but a handful of individuals today that have become splendid examples of such. Let’s take a look at one such prominent figure. This man is a strategic partner and a well-prepared genius, Mr Wesley Edens.

From his humble beginnings at Lehman Brothers in 1987, Mr Wesley Edens was a partner until 1993. At that time he switched to a Private Equity division with the group BlackRock where he remained until 1997. A year after in 1998, Wes Edens was one of five people who together formed the massive asset management firm Fortress Investment Group in 1998. In this short and brief description, one can ascertain that Mr Edens has always had a thirst for all things financial. Whether investments, properties, or financial instruments. This man has always had a knack for finding ways to transform investments into profits. His track record of success testifies to this very fact. With no exception of excellence, Mr Wes Edens graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Oregon State University. That was the beginning of his tenacious pursuit of financial excellence in the world today.

As Time progressed and Mr Wes Edens became more entrenched in the world of asset management and financial investments, he and a partner purchased the National Basketball Association team Milwaukee Bucks for $550 million dollars. With such purchase, they promised to keep the team in Wisconsin. True to his word the team still resides there to this day and Mr eaten’s also made his appearance as the Milwaukee Bucks team representative in the 2014 National Basketball Association draft lottery. With such background, Mr Wesley Edens is not unfamiliar with holding diverse investments geared towards generating capital. Since his tenure at Fortress Investment Group, Mr Edens, who runs Fortress Private Equity business, also was instrumental in the creation of a professional video gaming Esports team named Flyquest.In the world of Esports today with technological advances, it shouldn’t take long for it to become another one of his successful investments due to strategic thought and careful planning.

In conclusion, one can notice that Wes Edens did not stop with just becoming a partner at a firm where in most would have been comfortable retaining a seat. Wesley Edens has given the world of finance a true definition of innovation and brilliance today.

Taking the over the Investment industry, powerhouse Fortress Investment Group

Taking the over the Investment industry, powerhouse Fortress Investment Group

Be introduced to the robust investment management company, Fortress Investment Group that is located in New York City, United States. The firm was founded by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal A. Nardone in 1998. Randal Nardone is the company’s acting CEO while Wes Edens is a principal and also the chairman of the board of directors. Members of the firm’s board of directors include Wes Edens, Peter L. Briger, Randal Nardone, Michael G. Rantz, David B. Barry, George W. Wellde, Jr and, Douglas L. Jacobs.The firm’s core competencies include asset-based investing, well-versed industrial knowledge, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and finally capital markets. The private equity company deals with credit funds, hedge funds, transportation and infrastructure, healthcare, telecommunications, real estate, and leisure.Fortress Investment Group ventured into the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2007, being the headmost big private equity company in America to be traded publicly.

In 2014, HFMWeek named the firm ‘Management Firm of the Year.’ In 2016, the company’s businesses totaled roughly $70.2 billion in terms of private equity, liquid markets, credit, and traditional asset management.In 2017, the SoftBank Group Corporation (SBG) purchased Fortress Investment Group and all its outstanding shares, a transaction that was worth $3.3 billion in cash. Some of the portfolio companies owned by Fortress either wholly or partially include Nationstar Mortgage, Aircastle, Intrawest, RailAmerica, and New Senior Investment Group among others.The firm was the leading lender to the Millennium Development Group to build the athlete’s village worth $875 million (CAD) for the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia. However, the firm did not provide all the funding, prompting the city of Vancouver to fund $450 million (CAD) for the project to be completed before the start of the Winter Olympics.Employees working at Fortress Investment Group said that the firm is the right place to work in, has a rewarding environment, great leadership, great opportunities, and has an exceptional culture.

The firm has between 500-1000 employees, with well over 200 investment professionals. They help provide quality services and products to the firm’s over 1500 institutional investors and private clients globally.Fortress Investment Group loaned Kushner Cos., a real estate company owned by Jared Kushner’s family, $57 million for their two-tower development in New Jersey. The firm has worked in conjunction with Kushner Cos. many times which includes business deals with Kushner Credit Opportunity Fund.In other news, Fortress led a $125 million financing to assist in JH Capital’s purchase of backtracked consumer receivables worth $1 billion in face value from a varied group of 10 lenders. Also included in the JH Capital agreement, Fortress is to get 888,000 shares, non-dilutive to Easterly Acquisition shareholders, of JH Capitals common stock following the enterprise merger between JH Capital and Easterly Acquisition.

Understanding Louis Chenevert’s Professional Success

Louis R. Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who was the CEO and chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He also worked as the president of Pratt & Whitney Canada. He received his bachelor’s degree in production management while attending the Business School of the University of Montreal. Chenevert has always been very involved in the aviation industry and was named Person of the Year by the Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine.

Early Work of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was proudly elected as the president for Pratt & Whitney in 1999. He worked there for approximately six years before moving on to become the CEO of UTC in March of 2006. Prior to his career at Pratt & Whitney, he worked for General Motors for 14 years. He worked for UTC from 2006 to 2014. He went on to become the Advisor in the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division where he offered advice on many other businesses.

How UTC Succeeded Through the Recession

Under the leadership of Chenevert, UTC was able to find the common ground for their customers which allowed for the company to succeed in many ways through the recession. While many other large companies were declining, UTC continued to thrive by holding its revenue worth $63 billion. Through it all, they were able to remain the market leader in the most innovative aerospace technology within their headquarters in Hartford, Connecticut. UTC was proudly producing the most sophisticated jet engines in the world for both military and commercial clients. UTC also has Climate, Controls & Security businesses located in Connecticut. The company has proudly been in business for over 70 years and has been able to stay in good standing through the years of bankruptcies and downfalls within other highly profitable companies.

Success Within the Aerospace Industries

Chenevert has been very successful in his career and has had the opportunity to lead many under his leadership. He has helped UTC to successfully focus their efforts on their areas of expertise which include aerospace and building in a way that isn’t comparable to others. His expertise in the industry along with his history of education and financial leverage has named him the title of being called a think tank.