A Glance into the Life of Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC Owner

Hussain Sajwani is a property development guru and owner of DAMAC Properties. The self-made billionaire has a net worth of close to $ 4.1 billion and is the fourth wealthiest person in the world according to Forbes Magazine. He founded DAMAC Properties in 2002 after realizing the potential of the real estate market in the Middle East. The real estate company has completed more than 19,000 houses since it was established. One of its most prestigious projects is a golf course that was designed by Tiger Woods and is operated by the Trump Organization.

The DAMAC owner attended the University of Washington and studied Industrial Engineering and Economics. He is one of the most inspirational Arabs in the world. In 2017, he sponsored one million young Arabs through the DAMAC Foundation to receive training on software development. Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman whose business acumen has led to the growth of DAMAC Properties.

Hussain Sajwani disclosed to IdeaMensch in an interview that he finds inspiration by looking into the future. He added that this helps him to build and grow his ideas into reality. He also said that he believes in looking at how far he has come to have a better focus of where he is headed to. Hussain encourages entrepreneurs to embrace their failures and consider them as a learning opportunity.

In the world of business, the DAMAC owner looks up to the former CEO of GE, Jack Welch. He mainly follows Welch’s advice on what it takes to be a successful business leader. Welch advises business leaders to create and openly express their visions. He also urges them to own their ideas and stop at nothing in the process of driving their visions.

In an article from Bezaat.com, it says that Hussain Sajwani lives in the United Arab Emirates with his family. He strives to spend quality time with them each day as he believes in leading a balanced life. A typical day for the DAMAC owner involves receiving updates about his businesses from his team. Apart from real estate, he has also invested in the catering business through a company called Global Logistics Services.

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Jed Mccaleb A Change In The Technological Investment

Jed McCaleb is an entrepreneur born and raised in the United States where he has ventured into technological investments. He saw the need to fill the gap in business by realizing his idea of solving financial problems technologically. This led to the start of Stellar which aimed to ensure the need for cross-border transactions. It is an organization that is non-profitable and helps people and institutions to connect financially.

The Stellar Company has grown to be a great company benefiting many people. The grot hogs the company is attributed to the knowledge, skills, and experience of Jed McCaleb who is also a programmer and has made many technological investments in previous years. Teaming up with big investors has also been a pillar of its growth as he started the company with Joyce Kim as the cofounder. Jed McCaleb has a team that is supportive as they work together to ensure the needs of the people are satisfied.

The Stellar Company has been upgraded over the years as at the moment is it more scalable, secure and modular. Jed and his team have made it easier for the organization to understand the way Stellar making it easily accessible to many. It also makes people feel at a place as it is fully organized by people outside the company as it is a community run network.

With time, the company has evolved to accommodate more individuals and institutions. It is evident as it is known to be one of the greatest platforms where creation and distribution of applications are easily made possible. Recently, Jed McCaleb, the founder, tried to solve the matter of scaling blockchain solutions in order to bring effectiveness in the operating transaction systems. At the moment, this is possible as the company has formulated systems that make every activity done to be easily accounted for. Therefore, it is a company that has been significant to many people bring change in the society and growth especially technologically.

Find Wisdom and Wealth at The Oxford Club

An exclusive organization of financial wizards? A network of investors that outperforms the stock market? This may sound like something out of a movie, but The Oxford Club is very real and very good at what they do.

Founded in 1989, The Oxford Club employs savvy, financial virtuosos to guide its members with one simple goal in mind: wealth. Specifically, the club’s purpose is to assist its members in creating, building and safeguarding that wealth. Its 80,000-plus members are spread across the globe, with trading and investing experience in over 100 countries. The club’s philosophy is simple, its founders operating under the opinion that the most lucrative investment opportunities can only be revealed through robust networking connections and research. The media does not and will not provide this comprehensive a level of detail and data. The Oxford Club was founded to fill that void.

The Oxford Club opens its membership to all levels of investment experience, from amateurs just getting their feet wet to the well-seasoned movers and shakers of Wall Street. The value of membership in The Oxford Club goes well-beyond anything here, the synergistic value of their global network is impossible to quantify, but for the curious here are some additional perks:

  • Daily emails
  • Online access to all recent tips and strategies
  • Entry to the Baltimore clubhouse and all international outposts
  • Exclusive events around the world
  • Real estate exchanges

For anyone who’s dreamed of joining the elite ranks of Wall Street traders and international financiers, consider joining @The_Oxford_Club. This isn’t just about making connections among the private ranks of the world’s biggest moneymakers, membership in The Oxford Club is about creating the wealth to be one of those moneymakers. The resources necessary for entry to these exclusive, financial circles are just a few steps away. So, what are you waiting for, visit https://angel.co/theoxfordclub.

Taking the over the Investment industry, powerhouse Fortress Investment Group

Taking the over the Investment industry, powerhouse Fortress Investment Group

Be introduced to the robust investment management company, Fortress Investment Group that is located in New York City, United States. The firm was founded by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal A. Nardone in 1998. Randal Nardone is the company’s acting CEO while Wes Edens is a principal and also the chairman of the board of directors. Members of the firm’s board of directors include Wes Edens, Peter L. Briger, Randal Nardone, Michael G. Rantz, David B. Barry, George W. Wellde, Jr and, Douglas L. Jacobs.The firm’s core competencies include asset-based investing, well-versed industrial knowledge, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and finally capital markets. The private equity company deals with credit funds, hedge funds, transportation and infrastructure, healthcare, telecommunications, real estate, and leisure.Fortress Investment Group ventured into the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2007, being the headmost big private equity company in America to be traded publicly.

In 2014, HFMWeek named the firm ‘Management Firm of the Year.’ In 2016, the company’s businesses totaled roughly $70.2 billion in terms of private equity, liquid markets, credit, and traditional asset management.In 2017, the SoftBank Group Corporation (SBG) purchased Fortress Investment Group and all its outstanding shares, a transaction that was worth $3.3 billion in cash. Some of the portfolio companies owned by Fortress either wholly or partially include Nationstar Mortgage, Aircastle, Intrawest, RailAmerica, and New Senior Investment Group among others.The firm was the leading lender to the Millennium Development Group to build the athlete’s village worth $875 million (CAD) for the 2010 Winter Olympics in British Columbia. However, the firm did not provide all the funding, prompting the city of Vancouver to fund $450 million (CAD) for the project to be completed before the start of the Winter Olympics.Employees working at Fortress Investment Group said that the firm is the right place to work in, has a rewarding environment, great leadership, great opportunities, and has an exceptional culture.

The firm has between 500-1000 employees, with well over 200 investment professionals. They help provide quality services and products to the firm’s over 1500 institutional investors and private clients globally.Fortress Investment Group loaned Kushner Cos., a real estate company owned by Jared Kushner’s family, $57 million for their two-tower development in New Jersey. The firm has worked in conjunction with Kushner Cos. many times which includes business deals with Kushner Credit Opportunity Fund.In other news, Fortress led a $125 million financing to assist in JH Capital’s purchase of backtracked consumer receivables worth $1 billion in face value from a varied group of 10 lenders. Also included in the JH Capital agreement, Fortress is to get 888,000 shares, non-dilutive to Easterly Acquisition shareholders, of JH Capitals common stock following the enterprise merger between JH Capital and Easterly Acquisition.

Ryan Seacrest: Celebrity Turned Philanthropist

Most people are familiar with Ryan Seacrest through his high profile television appearances. He’s taken over the hosting duties for ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ and has hosted ‘American Idol’ for several seasons. He also hosts the ‘American Top 40’ syndicated radio program.

In fact, it was Ryan’s radio career that took off first and brought him to Los Angeles. ‘Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home’ was launched in the mid-90s and remained a heavy ratings boost until it was canceled in 2004. By then, his new syndicated program, ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ had already been running for more than a year. In yet another year, Seacrest took over the hosting duties of the ‘American Top 40’ from Casey Kasem. Even though he has been seen making appearances on television, most notably as the ‘American Idol’ host, Mr. Seacrest sticks with his radio programs.

His TV and radio shows, along with his newly launched clothing line, might seem like enough to keep Ryan busy, but he’s also a very active philanthropist. His biggest project in that regard is the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, an organization that works to educate younger generations and to inspire their creativity. One of the foundation’s initiatives is to install media centers in pediatric hospitals. The centers, bearing the name ‘Seacrest Studios,’ feature state of the art technology related to television and radio production, giving young patients the opportunity to learn and explore their own creativity.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation gets support from the celebrity, but also welcomes help from anyone. There are a number of ways people can get involved with this program. Most importantly, they need to spread the word about the good they do, so they encourage everyone to tell their friends, co-workers, and neighbors about the foundation. They also offer both internship and volunteer opportunities for those interested in participating more closely with the organization’s efforts.

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation is also dependent upon donations. The more funding they receive, the more opportunities they can provide for America’s youth. Donations of any amount are welcome and go toward providing children with the resources they need to explore their interests. Many children have an interest in expressing themselves creatively, but lack the necessary resources. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation gives them that chance.

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Jed McCaleb’s Input in the Rush for Crypto Business

Jed McCaleb is a prominent programmer hailing from America. He is also an expert in blockchain as well as cryptocurrency forms of technology. Most importantly, Jed McCaleb is known for his tremendous contribution to the industry of cryptocurrency. From founding Mt. Gox, he ventured into eDonkey, leading decentralized as well as peer-to-peer networks for file sharing. Developed in 2000, eDonkey has been instrumental in the multipurpose download of files.


Background Data

After eDonkey, Jed McCaleb resurfaced in the market with a new venture on board. Stellar emerged after recognizing the imperfections of the universal financial system. With his partner Joyce Kim, Stellar Development Foundation is a global network made to increase the economic participation of investors.


Jed’s Roles

Apart from that, Jed McCaleb has exceptional technical skills. For that reason, his roles are split into two dockets namely technical management and business operations. That is to mean that when Jed McCaleb is away from the technical room, where he responds to emails and letters regarding technical aspects, he is busy managing the business by instigating smooth operations.


Stellar Network

Stellar Network is supported by Stellar.org, which is a not-for-profit organization that combines technology with digital financial literacy. Moreover, the foundation contributes to the development of open source software. To develop more innovative software devices, Jed McCaleb spends most of his time thinking about the viability of improving the existing technologies. Furthermore, he explores multiple available options to enhance problem-solving.


The Interview

In a recent interview with IdeaMensch, Jed McCaleb was asked how he ventured into the business. He confessed that he was passionate about using technology to leverage human lives. Since he had an evolving passion for Bitcoin, McCaleb was curious about other existing options that he could explore. That is how he ventured into the cryptocurrency world.


The Overview

Conclusively, Jed McCaleb understands the value of using technology to connect financial institutions with people. He firmly believes that with the application of the tech-platforms he has established, the world would be a better place. McCaleb is not only a role model to people who aspire to join the crypto world but also a tutor on financial matters.

Prudent Investment Tactics From The Oxford Club

When it comes to investing, the Oxford Club possesses a wealth of expertise to help individual portfolios surpass market averages. This club has four approaches to investing. While results are never guaranteed, the strategies presented by the Oxford Club can increase the chances of achieving positive results regardless of what happens in the market.


The first strategy involves having a diversified portfolio. Diversification can lessen risk. This approach involves more than simply buying a basket of stocks. The Oxford Club specifies the importance of distributing one’s investments into different sectors and asset classes.


Next, it is important to always have a strategy in place for exiting an investment. Moreover, it is imperative for one to know when and how the security will be sold before buying. By following these principles, an investor can protect their profits and initial investment amount.


The amount of capital that is invested is equally as important as what you invest in. So that one can be successful in this regard, members of the Oxford Club are supported via re-balancing of their portfolios. Not becoming too enthralled with any type of investment is an ideology that is at the core of the club’s values. Avoiding the temptation to invest with emotion is something that is always expounded upon.


Lastly, the Oxford Club teaches investors ways to reduce and/or eliminate investment costs. Fund manager fees and taxes can both stifle one’s portfolio. As an alternative, Oxford Club fund investments circumvent many different types of fees and penalties. The ability to reduce taxes involves avoiding the excessive selling of investments. Long-term investments are the most tax advantageous.


The Oxford Club has experience that spans nearly three decades. Their objective is to assist members by increasing and safeguarding their wealth. Ultimately, the goal is for members to have the ability to live a rich life in a way that surpasses their monetary wealth. Research is conducted on many different asset classes so that club members have the best investment opportunities for maximum gains. Any investor that looks forward to a retirement of abundance should contemplate the implementation of their strategies.

Madison Street Capital Remains ahead in the Provision of Mergers and Acquisition Services

The Madison Street Capital is a middle-market firm dealing in investment banking. Early last month, the firm, acted as an exclusive financial advisor to the DCG Software Value when it was merging with The Spitfire Group. The former is an international provider of software estimation services, function point analysis, and software value management; while the latter is a technology consulting firm with its headquarters in Denver.


Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison, announced the transaction led by Jay Rodgers. The terms and conditions of the transaction remained undisclosed. Botchway highlighted that the two companies are managed by highly experienced management teams that include Mark Richtermeyer, Spitfire’s CEO, and DCG Software Value’s CEO, Mike Harris. Botchway also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with the two pioneers of Business IT industry.


Harris stated that the team under the stewardship of Jay Rodger had provided a thoughtful insight and a powerful analysis from their first engagement to the sealing of the deal. He added that he and Mike were looking forward to working together with the Madison team so that they could find extra ways in which they can help more clients boost their software value.


About Madison Street Capital


The reputation of Madison Street Capital surpasses the firm. It is an international investment bank that is committed to excellence, integrity, and leadership in providing financial advisory services to businesses that are either privately or publicly held.


Madison understands that the time sensitivity of corporate finance is crucial, and with this reason, it responds promptly to these opportunities the moment they present themselves. The firm’s approach creates corporate financial trades where business owners and investors benefit mutually. Madison claims that it is well equipped with experience and knowledge capable of bringing buyers and sellers together with other forms of appropriate financing and capitalization structures to any circumstance impending a client.


The methodology adopted by the firm reflects substantial expertise and experience in the business financial field. Madison also provides services in due diligence and market pricing, valuations, mergers and acquisition, deal structuring, implementation of alternative exit approaches, and specialized financing.


Throughout their professional experience, the firm has assisted various clients in different industries to achieve their targets in more convenient ways. The experience and understanding of the corporate financial fields and the corporate governance are attributed as the reasons Madison Street Capital reputation remains unstained in the provision of financial advisory services, valuation services, and mergers and acquisition.


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Madison Street Capital a firm that is involved in banking services internationally, its main goal is to ensure that its clients get quality services. The banks key role is to ensure there is good leadership within the institution, services are provided at the required time and that there is a high rate of integrity among the employees and the senior staff. The clients come first and for this they work with a lot of enthusiasm and provide the best customer care services to the customers. This has led the firm to gain a lot of trust from the clients worldwide and they receive new customers each day whom are referred by the existing ones.



The firm offers its services to both private and public sectors; this makes it more competent in the world’s markets. Services offered by the firm include offering financial advice to the corporates, deposits and loan disbursement to individuals and businesses and merger and acquisition expertise. Loans can be given to people who want to expand their business and corporates who are in need of funds for running various projects. Their interest rate is very reasonable and this makes them the best financial institution to work with. They have offices in Africa, Asia and north America.



The headquarters of this financial institution is in Chicago, it is a private company that has operated for more than ten years. It has gained a lot of experience in the industry and as a result they know well the customers’ needs and they design their products in line with these needs. The company has offered employment opportunities to thousands of young people in different parts of the world.



The employees are well qualified for the job and work with a lot of professionalism. They are all aware that a customer is the most important part of their business and so they treat them with patience and a lot of understanding. The firm has helped thousands of customers get financial advice over the years and for this it has a good record of excellence and execution of work in the banking sector. Also it has various contacts ranging from telephone numbers, email addresses and also a website where one is able to get into contact with them in case of a question or a clarification. The firm has a record of providing funds to large businesses and corporates worldwide and this makes them the ideal place to put your investments. Madison Street Capital reputation increases with every customer they serve.

For more information, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.