What Is Meant By Fabletics Taking On Amazon?

Amazon is usually seen as the biggest threat to small to mid-sized e-commerce businesses and even most mainstream retailers like Macy’s and Sears have blamed them for declining sales. When looking at someone who can challenge Amazon, Fabletics might be a company to look at. One reason they can do it is not only because of prices on fashion, but also because of the power of reviews just like Amazon. It all starts with several customers who express their approval of a product to get others on-board with buying, and Fabletics prides itself on hearing what it’s customers have to say. Fabletics also has invested in brick and mortar stores because they want customers to see and try on their apparel when they make a decision to buy after they’ve already seen them online, also known as a reverse showroom.


Fabletics is specifically a women’s athletic apparel outlet that’s part of the Techstyle Fashion Group company. Its apparel items include yoga outfits, runners’ wear, accessories and athletic underwear. Actress Kate Hudson has part of the ownership stake in this company because she is an athletic fashion enthusiast, and she loves using her spare time for designing outfits and marketing them. She’s also a partner with Gregg Throgmartin who is the president and production driver for the company and has helped it make annual millions worth in sales. Kate Hudson was asked by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, the co-CEOs of Techstyle Fashion Group to buy into the company even though she had no business education or family background there. Goldenberg and Ressler believed that she would embrace the products, and with her being known to only participate in things she actually cared about, they believed this would carry the company to success. They were right.


Fabletics has not only benefited from being owned and marketed by a celebrity, they also have a system that’s fairly easy for their customers, and their all-inclusive sizes and affordable rates give them a diverse group to market to spanning across income and age demographics. They also utilize big data in their shopping system to deliver shopping experience based on user patterns and tastes. They had a few bumps rolling out their user VIP program on the initial start, but they’ve now made it better and easier to enroll or opt out of. If you’re interested in subscribing to Fabletics, you can get started by going to their website and taking the lifestyle survey to get started.

An Eye Opener into Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

In the current e-commerce market, Amazon has had a grip of up to 30 percent of the sales made each year. It would seem utterly impossible for any upcoming firm to get into the e-commerce market and start shrugging shoulders with Amazon. Surely, it would seem a losing battle. Amazon has made enough funds to buy off an upcoming firm, hence, knocking any competition that would seem to be a threat to its dominance. However, even in such worlds where legends exist, underdogs always have a chance of survival and thriving.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been on the rise for the last three years amassing a collective income of up to $250 million. Its mode of marketing to its customers is through subscription mechanism. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics combines simplicity, uniqueness, and convenience to its products making it the perfect combination for its clients. Initially, the value of a commodity was based on the quality. However, years later, it all dawns to things like gamification and exclusiveness of the brand.


Currently, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics have physical stores scattered in different grounds across the globe. The popular grounds include California, Hawaii, and Florida. It is their objective to boost the tally of physical stores to ensure they reach a larger market base. Gregg Throgmartin, General Manager at Fabletics, believes that the best way to give the most exquisite services to the clients is by setting a platform that will allow you to get to know your clients. Knowing the people well is primary to understanding what kind of products gladdens their hearts. One of the key factors that have led to the success of Fabletics is the use of reverse show-rooming techniques. Once a customer is interested in a particular design of clothing from their online platform and tries it out, the product automatically goes to the customer’s online shopping wall. Unlike other competitor firms who are being negatively affected by the reverse showroom technique, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is on the beneficiaries ending.


Recently, Fabletics made a partnership with famous pop star Demi Lovato. Demi Lovato is attracted by the unique fashion and design in Fabletics and what they stand for which includes empowering women of all age groups. Fabletics are an athleisure brand that was initiated as just but a mere startup that grew to sip in massive income in only its first three years. For those who are in love with Fabletics, it wouldn’t be hard for them to notice that Kate blends in excellently. It is then your responsibility to find the perfect Fabletics gear for yourself.