Jason Hope Continues To Educate The Public About The Internet Of Things

Soon, most devices, household items, appliances, cars, and even homes will be connected to the internet, in one way or another. The 21st century is going to be bringing some big changes in the world of technology, and Jason Hope has been and continues to be a large part of this new tech boom. He has been focusing a lot of his efforts, of late, to educating people about the Internet of Things (IoT), which is an exciting tech field that has to do with the way that everyday devices and items are connected to the internet to improve them or offer a user something more. Learn more about Jason Hope at Bitsy Link

Jason Hope published an eBook on Amazon with the title “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” The book works to educate everyday people about the value of the IoT and helps to keep them updated with what is going on behind the scenes. Hope brings to light a lot of lesser known truths about the IoT and how important it will be for people to learn about this new technology as it will surely be everywhere soon. He illustrates how entrepreneurs can jump on board and use the IoT and also explains how the government can adopt this new technology. One of the most important topics Jason Hope covers in his book, is how tasks and work that once took a long time will now become much easier to get done.

Jason Hope is an investor, entrepreneur, futurist, and philanthropist who has an optimistic point of view regarding the future and new technologies that will be shaping it. He is an Arizona native who received a degree in finance after studying at Arizona State University. He also earned a master’s degree in business administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has also been recognized for his generous nature and has donated his time and money to the causes he finds worthy. One of these causes has to do with fighting age-related disease by nipping it in the bud before it ever takes place. To help in this field, he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation.

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How Hussain Sajwani Has Made DAMAC Properties Such A Big Success

Hussain Sajwani is a Dubai-based businessman who pioneered the luxury real estate industry in his nation. When he started his company DAMAC Properties it was one of the only companies of its kind in the United Arab Emirate. He started this company when the political leaders of that nation announced that foreigners could begin to own real estate, something to that point that had been forbidden. Hussain Sajwani‘s luxury properties include residential properties along with space for high-end retailers and other amenities such as golf courses.

He started his first company in 1982. This was a catering business which is still going strong and serves more than 150,000 meals each day. He first got interested in real estate in the 1990s when foreign businessmen were increasing doing business in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani could see there weren’t enough luxury hotels for these businessmen so he used his money to start a company building and managing these hotels.

According to The National, DAMAC Properties has now delivered close to 18,000 homes. He says that his development portfolio has another 44,000 units to it. His entrepreneurial skill has been recognized internationally and Hussain Sajwani is now a billionaire because of it. He has a great skill at recognizing opportunities as they present themselves and then he capitalizes on them.

Hussain Sajwani has had DAMAC Properties partner with a number of high-end brands. Among these is the Trump Organization. This organization, started by Donald Trump, manages two of DAMAC Properties best golf courses. These two golf courses are the Trump International Golf Club and another one to open at the end of 2018. Eric and Donald Jr. both attended the wedding of Hussain Sajwani’s daughter when she got married in April 2018.

Sajwani told CNBC in an interview that one of the secrets to his and DAMAC Properties’ success is due to his business approach. He doesn’t look at things as they are but rather as he expects them to be 10 to 20 years down the line. He uses this vision to position DAMAC Properties so that it will be a big part of the success of any area in which he places one of his real estate developments.

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Ryan Seacrest: Host and Entrepreneur

Ryan Seacrest is a household name, famous for hosting some of the most popular shows in American television history. This spring he resumed his duties as the host of American Idol, which began running on its new home ABC. In addition to hosting American Idol, Seacrest also hosts Live with Kelly and Ryan with Kelly Ripa, as well as the morning drive-time radio talk show On the Air with Ryan. However, Ryan Seacrest is much more than a popular television and radio host. He is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, responsible for producing some of the most popular programs on television in addition to valuable charity work.

Ryan Seacrest is also known for his dedication to the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The Foundation focuses on helping children and their families during hospital stays. IN recognition of the difficulties associated with the hospitalization of children the foundation creates television studios within hospitals for the children to use and enjoy. The studios present an excellent opportunity for the children to have an interactive experience with the entertainment industry, as well as providing a venue for the children to meet with celebrities during visits. These studios provide hope to children and their families during some of their darkest hours. Here’s an article from nytimes.com about Ryan’s workout.

Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) is the head of Ryan Seacrest Productions. Ryan Seacrest’s production company is responsible for the production of the hugely successful E! show Keeping Up with the Kardashians,as well as all related Kardashian spinoff shows. Furthermore, Ryan Seacrest Productions is responsible for than reality entertainment. Recently, the company was responsible for the production of the hit NBC drama Shades of Blue starring Jennifer Lopez. Indeed, the wide variety of entertainment produced by Ryan Seacrest’s production company is indicative of the wide variety of passions and professions in Ryan Seacrest’s personal life. Seacrest’s life is an example of dedication to his craft as well as giving back to those in need through his foundation.

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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is honored for his contributions to the Legal fraternity.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was recently honored by having the chance to name one of the auditoriums in the Perdizes Campus in Sao Paulo. He is a judge and a professor of criminal law at the University of Sao Paulo. The naming ceremony was presided over by Mr. Dirceu de Mello, who is the president of the institution. The president once served as the president of Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals. The president praised Marco Antonio Marques da Silva for his efforts to help whenever he is called upon. Mr. Marco was honored by the school since he played a vital role in not only the development but also the construction of the auditorium.


Born in 1958, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva grew up in Itapetininga. He joined PUC to study law after completing his high school education. He graduated in 1981. At the Pontifical Catholic University, Mr. Marco pursued a specialization, teaching, master’s and doctorate degrees. He joined the State Judiciary two year after graduating and served in various cities such as Sao Paulo, Diadema, Monte Alto and Palmeira D’Oeste. Marco Antonio was promoted to substitute judge in 2002. He later became the Court of Appeals judge in 2007.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is now the president of Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo. He serves as a law professor at PUC. Throughout his long career in law, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has written around 40 articles and 13 books. He is regarded as a treasure by the PUC’s faculty of law. Lawyer Ricardo Sayeg pointed out that Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is a good, zealous, loyal and an honest man.


On his speech, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva said that he keeps his spirit that is always yearning for changes. His aim is to bring changes that will have an effect on all the individuals and not based on their sex, race, age, economic, social position, and political differences. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva also thanked his family, God, education, friends, and justice for helping him bring changes not only to the society but also to the university.


Jeff Aronin: The Future of Bioscience

Chairman CEO and long-time entrepreneur Jeff Aronin has been challenging modern science with different thinking. Instead of the conventional methods of science, such as surgery, Jeff Aronin has for over 20 years opted instead the use of pharmaceuticals. Early on in his profession, during a job shadow, Jeff Aronin witnessed a physician opt out of a major brain surgery in favor of medicine to treat a patient with chronic and constant seizures. This being the catalyst which spurred the now founder of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Incorporated, into his career path. Seemingly inspired, Jeff Aronin would proceed using medicine as his primary strategy focusing on the patient’s needs, innovative science, and a select team who could get the medicine approved.

In 2009, Ovation Pharmaceuticals was purchased by Lunbeck, at which point Jeff Aronin was named president and CEO to oversee the transition. And for the past 10 years serving as chairman and chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences. Through his particular fields of interest, Jeff Aronin has become one of the most successful innovative leaders in the bioscience field, successfully getting 13 new drugs approved with his team. A feat which has only been matched by few in the same field.

Paragon Biosciences’ mode of operation consists of first identifying diseases that have the highest need of treatment. From there the team studies the causes of such diseases to find what has yet to be tried to ultimately treat them. Moving forward the team identifies all they will need in order to yield a practical treatment. Finally the team creates companies dedicated to conduct research to regulate and commercialize the medicine in development. While there are failures in the research and development process, ever failure brings the team closer to success. Remaining focused and driven Jeff Aronin and his team maintain their principles and strive to better the world through bioscience one medicine at a time.


Jeffrey Aronin Succeeds in the Biotech and Pharma Industry

Rare diseases as the name suggests, are disorders that affect less than one in 2000 people meaning that a victim could go for years on end without being diagnosed or even once diagnosed lack medication. One biotech expert, however, has heard their plight and has dedicated his life to solving this enigma of rare diseases. His name is Jeffrey Aronin.


Jeffrey Aronin is at present, the CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a company he founded to assist patients to combat rare and severe afflictions. Paragon Biosciences uses advanced research methods to uncover state-of-the-art drugs and therapies. It also builds and invests in companies that have the potential to bring medications to the market. Paragon played an integral part in the building of Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals, and Harmony Biosciences, among others. Besides, it focuses on rare genetic dermatological maladies such as epidermolysis bullosa simplex while Harmony specializes in Central nervous system (CNS) disorders for example cataplexy and narcolepsy.


With that said Jeffrey Aronin and his team at Paragon Biosciences have successfully developed 14 ingenious medicines that have been accepted by the (FDA). Perhaps this success has placed the company in high esteem and increased its reputation extensively, attracting biotech talent, companies, and investors worldwide who are looking to bring their prospective medicines to reality.


Through Paragon Biosciences, Jeffrey Aronin contributes to the Chicago community in matters of healthcare. At World Business Chicago, the collaboration between Chicago city and private companies that focuses on steady job growth, he serves on the board of directors. Jeffrey also serves at the Discover Financial Services as a member of the board. He is known to be involved to some extent with the Museum of Science and Industry, ChicagoNEXT, and several local causes.


Jeffrey Aronin is an undergraduate of Northern Illinois University and an MBA graduate of DePaul University. He first worked in healthcare then later established Ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2000 and became its CEO. Aronin founded it because he believed he could do more for patients with unfulfilled medical needs especially those who suffered from neglected or rare diseases. His focus on this need made Ovation stand out from other Biotech and Pharma companies. Ovation Pharmaceutical was then purchased in 2009 by Lundbeck, a Danish healthcare firm for $900 million.


TransUnion takes On Heather Russell As Its Chief Legal Officer

TransUnion has brought Heather Russell on board as its new chief legal officer. Heather Russell has proven her worth in the industry by having more than twenty years of diverse experience in the legal field. The fact that TransUnion is getting someone so experienced in these matters is really a good catch for them. They have to be thrilled that someone with that much to bring to the table is joining them now.

There has been a lot of news in recent years about the credit reporting agencies, most of which has not been positive news. There have been stories about information being stolen and about the agencies not reporting things fairly and accurately as they relate to both corporations and individuals. In short, it has not been a great time to be part of the credit reporting agencies business for a while. However, that is starting to change as TransUnion and others have brought on important figures such as Heather Russell to try to push things in a new direction, according to Wikipedia.

She intends to use the knowledge that she gained while working in a private practice to help the credit reporting agency protect itself and avoid legal pitfalls. Surely the customers of TransUnion will appreciate this as they do not want to fall victim to whatever the latest scam running is. It is all too easy to say that the agencies should do something, but to actually see them follow through and take action is very heartening indeed. Some may see the hiring of Heather Russell as just a single event that is not that big of a deal. When you zoom out and look at the whole picture though, it is quite clear that Heather Russell being on board makes a ton of difference. She can transform the whole agency in time.

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Stansberry Research and Dealing With a Market “Melt-Up”

American publishing company Stansberry Research is located in Baltimore, Maryland with satellite locations in Florida, Oregon, and California. Stansberry Research was founded in 1999 by editor and writer Frank Porter. It was established as an independent research firm and is comprised of specialists in investment research. It consists of monthly and bi-monthly newsletters that are written by editors who are financial experts. Their primary topics are focused on natural resources, natural power, oil, and mining investments. They also cover healthcare, biotechnology, corporate bonds, and alternative investments. They have a global reach with their newsletters reaching one hundred countries.


A recent newsletter released by Stanberry Research explained how investors can properly deal with market melt-ups. A melt-up is similar to a Bull market which is a continuous rise of evaluations. Bull markets are nothing new in the investment world, though melt-ups are similar, they are entirely different and less common. They are a dramatic rise in the valuation of asset classes that are most often fueled by what a group thinks than an actual sound investment strategy. This article details that the US stock market is headed for the first melt-up since 1999, and prepares investors on how to deal with the coming situation.

Stanberry researcher Steve Sjuggerud details how to make a profit in this situation as he did in his first melt-up experience in 1994. The best advice that the reputable company offers is to know what to sell and when to sell it. By knowing when the systems indicates that the melt-up is coming, investors can sell off volatile assets and limit the downturn from the hit the stock will take from the melt-up. They can recognize the indicators that the melt-up is about to happen by studying previous stock market melt-ups and its affects on investments. Stansberry Research has researched and published newsletters on melt-ups in US stock markets so investors can study its climate and how it relates to their investments. By having this insight and knowing the signs, they can maximize investments and minimize the hit from losses brought on by a stock market mark-up.


Hussain Sajwani Has Done His Best!

There is a very successful Middle Eastern man out there by the name if Hussain Sajwani! Sajwani is a graduate of The University of Washington, which seems unlikely for someone who is worth billions of dollars. He came out of that school with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. Afterwards, he went back to the United Arab Emirates to work in the finance section of the oil industry.

Eventually, he left that career and started a catering company. The catering company still exists, but it is not the gem that he is known for. After the catering company, he established DAMAC—the company that really brought in the profits and made him famous. DAMAC specializes in dealing with and developing lands into luxury properties. The company has brought Sajwani into contact with many important figures, such as Donald Trump and Tiger Woods. Few people in the world have achieved what Sajwani has achieved—fame, fortune and famous acquaintances.

Sajwani was the child of a shop owner. Luckier than most, the Emirati government granted him a scholarship. This gave him the opportunity to attain a degree in an American collegiate institution. Eventually, he started a business in the United Arab Emirates where he catered food. There were times when his company served troops.

The early 2000s saw the establishment of DAMAC—a property development company that builds luxury buildings and developments. Over the years, Sajwani’s company built pieces of heaven in the desert of Dubai—an expensive, luxury city that serves as a metaphorical oasis in the desert. Dubai has been a gold mine for those who have been smart enough to invest in property development. Due to the business that Hussain Sajwani conducts in Dubai, as well as all across the world, he has shimmied his way onto the tops of various lists that measure the success levels of companies. Surely, his parents must be proud, if they are still alive, that is!

Sajwani currently lives in Dubai with his wife and four children. His son, Ali Sajwani, has recently graduated with a degree in economics from Boston’s Northeastern University. Here’s his website to know more.

Facebook: @HussainSajwaniOfficial
Instagram: @hussainsajwani

HCR Wealth Advisors Discussing the Future of Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that has been around for many years and has established itself as a trusted provider of these services to its clients.

HCR Wealth Advisors was established in Los Angeles, California back in 1988. For more than 25 years, the corporation has been striving to provide innovation in its line of work and help clients achieve their financial goals. The business offers financial advisory services on topics such as inheritance, marriage, divorce, starting or selling a business, loss of a loved one, as well as a sudden and significant influx of assets, and retirement. HCR Wealth Advisors is also focused on providing education on financial matters, one of the latest topics being retirement.

The topic of “new retirement” explores many aspects of retirement that have not been appropriately addressed before. Those include the loss of identity that many experiences at the start of moving on from their job. The complete change in fixed schedule can be very tough on people and limit their physical and intellectual stimulation day to day. If such issues are not appropriately addressed, people can develop fatigue, depression, poor health and experience low self-esteem, and inadequacy. Retirement is a permanent change in one’s life and the transition can be tricky.

Planning for retirement usually occupies 15 to 20 years of one’s life. It is predominantly financial planning but there is a lot more to retirement planning than that. This transition is, at its core, retiring from something and to something else. Most people do not give much thought to how they are going to fill their days past the “do whatever I want” stage. That can have a substantial adverse impact on their life later on.

Some of the retirement aspects that every person has to think about include relationship dynamics, personal development, wellness, leisure, and lifestyle. While some people view retirement as an ending, the topic of “new retirement” explores it as a beginning. This “new retirement” is in the process of becoming the normal retirement. Both experts and the public are discussing it as the future of retirement.

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