Alex Pall Talks About The Success and Future of The Chainsmokers

In just a few short years, The Chainsmokers rose from obscurity to a household name. Now that they’ve achieved success and stardom, one half of the DJ and production duo, Alex Pall, sat down with Mathias Rosenzweig to discuss how they’re handling their fame and fortune and where they plan to go from here. When he was first looking to make it in the music industry, his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart and the rest is music history. Upon meeting, they got to chatting and realized how much they loved DJ-ing and how serious they were about being successful. From there on in, they would work together on a daily basis.

When discussing the rarity of them singing on their own songs, they make no apologies for it, saying they believe it’s important for the songs they write to actually be about them and their experiences. When asked about working with Halsey, he had nothing but nice things to say about collaborating with her, noting that she’s a very cool and unique artist who’s not afraid to be herself.

When discussing their audience, he talked about how it’s really expanded from just college-aged kids to people of all ages. It’s even gone international with fans from all over the world in such countries as South Africa and the Philippines. He then discussed how their live shows have evolved and changed over the years.

He discussed how they sing live during their shows and not every artist can say that so he talked about they take great pride in not lip syncing during their concerts. He mentioned how, at this point, it’s as if they’re putting on a festival for the fans and, as music continues to grow and evolve, so will their music and concerts. As for their future, the duo has said they’re not going anywhere, claiming it just wouldn’t be the same if they took a hiatus and returned a few years later. So we wish them the best of luck in their future musical endeavors and hope they are able to sustain their success for many years to come.

Bridget Scarr, the Seasoned Exec Producer

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer and a writer, affection for creating compelling content extending across platforms. From digital content to television, interactive exhibition, augmented reality, and virtual reality, her projects are resonating with large audiences both emotionally and intellectually.


Also, Scarr is an experienced Exec producer with more than one-and-a-half-decade production experience in animation, television, and advertising. Over her career, Scarr has been accountable for managing the creative development plus technical and creative production teams’ output (from 5-220 people) across many productions spanning drama, lifestyle, entertainment, children’s animation, as well as factual entertainment programming.


Currently, Scarr heads up the development of content, partnerships, and strategy at Colibri Studios. Here she’s involved with everyday collaborates and development with international broadcasters, creative talent, and project partners to make projects come to life.


In her interview with Ideamensch, Scarr explained where the idea of Colibri Studios came from; she said that in her previous career, she decided on making a career transition and shift into development plus the content creation creative aspects the Colibri Studios idea was born.She wanted a home for her the formation of ideas or concepts. Colibri is that place for Scarr; it brings all her ideas to exist under one umbrella whether they’re Digital Content, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Exhibition projects or more projects for traditional television.


The habit that makes Scarr more productive as a successful entrepreneur is that apart from meditation, she tries to nurture her creative spirit. She will frequently take a time for resting or recreation. Taking some time out to play and laugh with her son reminds her of what is significant. Taking some time out so that she could get inspiration, encourages her creativity, plus sometimes it leads to getting better ideas. In nature, it helps her to connect with the environment meaningfully.


Sometimes she thinks when she has a time out, it’s the most productive thing she can do because it re-energizes her soul and keeps her feeling fresh as well as present. The advice that Scarr would give to her younger self is to eliminate fear. Have trust in your journey, belief in your God-given gifts and yourself. Be thankful for everything you own and appreciate the people you love. Breathe, meditate, be light and be free. And finally love unconditionally.


She always meditates every day and recommends everyone to do the same. It has changed her life for the better.


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