Capitol Anesthesiology Associates: Positivity Makes a Difference

Capitol Anesthesiology Association, CAA, is paving the way for positive changes within the health care system. This independent anesthesiology practice has been in business since 1973 and serves more than two dozen facilities within the Austin, Texas area. In addition to the services provided to area facilities, CAA also contributes to the community.

Available Services

CAA provides anesthesiology services in such areas as obstetrics, pediatrics, local/MAC (monitored anesthesia services), and cariovascular and thoracic specialties. Of course, they also offer general and regional anesthesiology. All services are provided by highly trained staff in both the hospitals and ambulatory care centers.

Quality Providers

This practice prides itself on some of the most knowledgeable and highly trained practitioners within the industry. CAA employs both physicians and certified registered nurse anesthesists, (CRNA’s). This helps to ensure the highest quality of professional care.

Community Involvement

Capitol Anesthesiology Association has combined efforts with many non-profit organizations in order to give back to the community. Staff gives time and service to establishments implemented to assist underserved populations such as the elderly and children. This includes well known organizations such as Family Eldercare, Operation Smile and Children’s Medical Center Foundation, just to name a few.

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