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Aston Villa Job: Dwight Yorke's Meeting With Wes Edens Over

Former Aston Villa striker Dwight Yorke told Sky Sports that he was trying to get his foot in the door for a managerial role. Yorke, 50, applied for Dean Smith’s job at Villa following his departure earlier this summer, but he wasn’t considered. He has continued to apply for roles elsewhere and admitted the challenges in getting an interview.
What made him decide to leave England for America?

When Villa made it clear they didn’t want him, he says he returned to England, where his wife worked for Manchester United, before finding a house in California. He explains: “I flew out a couple of days later, and it just happened. At first, I didn’t think it would work out. “I’m a free agent, so I just started looking around. I had two or three options, but, ultimately, the club that got in touch and spoke to me was a club I wanted to look at,” he told the Telegraph.

Dwight Yorke’s story

Yorke admits he had reached out to Edens to apologize for “misleading the media” regarding when he was linked with the job, while he also said that Edens had reached out to him to apologize in return. “I went to New York, met Wes Edens and the group,” Yorke said. “We had a quick meeting, and they said it was nice to meet me, and when they speak, they speak with honesty. It was a great meeting, man.

I had an idea of the group already before I met them. I told the group that I had tried and tried and tried and that I was all out of excuses and that I wanted to apologize for misleading the media.” I told the group that I had done everything I could, and I wanted to tell them the truth.

About Wes Edens: littlesis.org/person/12095-Wesley_R_Edens