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Asot Michael Dedicates His Career To Reviving Antigua & Barbuda

Asot Michael was named after his grandfather, who was a politician in Antigua and Barbuda. According to Michael, he is proud of being named after his grandfather, who was a role model in his family and the entire community. His grandfather was a hardworking man who ensured all his children were educated to get the family out of the poverty state. This came true, and all his children joined politics, including Asot Michael’s father (Pinterest).


Michael also wanted to follow the footsteps of his forefather by joining politics and forming a government that will cater for the needs of the less fortunate at the community level. After successfully completing his high school studies, Michael joined the university and graduated with a degree in business administration. This was not the end of his studies since he advanced and specialized in finance and economics. Asot Michael later came out of the university equipped to join the government and bring the change that he wanted. He came back and took over the management of the family business before the government appointed him as a representative. This was a great stride towards his mission of reviving the government. He worked for a couple of years and was later appointed as the minister of finance in Antigua and Barbuda.


Being experienced in leadership matters, Michael served in this position for a long time before being appointed as the minister of tourism. His position in government earned him an excellent opportunity to analyze how those in power were analyzing various aspects. He developed an interest in becoming a parliament representative for the people of St. Peters, where he came from. During elections, Asot Michael was elected as the parliament representative of St. Peters. At this point, he got an excellent opportunity to unleash his leadership powers and benefit the suffering communities in Antigua and Barbuda. Michael has been a symbol of hope to many impoverished families and communities in the region. He has transformed the lives of millions of people and families in Antigua and Barbuda. Asot Michael has been at the helm of supporting families during the coronavirus times, and he continues to help them back to their feet as the number of infections reduces.