Doe Deere Breaks the Small Business Cosmetics Mold With Creativity

Doe Deere may not have realized it at the time, but she was definitely creating a blueprint for extreme makeup that was rebellious and new. She wanted to do something that was different from what the Revlon and Covergirl CEOs were doing, and her mission has been accomplished ten times over with the Lime Crime brand that she has created.


Doe Deere has created what many people have referred to as an underground type of cosmetics brand. The thing that makes this brand thrive is the fact that it is not part of the mainstream when it comes to make up. There are no glossy commercials with celebrities that are trying to lure consumers.


It is important to have a brand that is a break from what the mainstream is doing. All consumers of cosmetics are not going to want to do what is considered the norm in cosmetics. Doe Deere would recognize this early, and she chose to go and get her fans another way. She became an advocate of digital marketing and staying wired through social media to her consumer base.


Doe Deere has been successful in continuing her rebellious streak as someone that presents the off base colors that people are not particularly accustomed to. She has created a brand that stands out as a giant in the world of standardized cosmetics where everything looks the same.


Doe Deere knows what it takes to better a cosmetics company. She realized that it would be easy to create the type of brand she wanted if she followed her own vision. That is exactly what she chose to do. There is no doubt that she is one of the most interesting people in the cosmetics world, and much of this is because she has created a brand that is able to stand out.


Lime Crime really doesn’t look like anything else that is out there. Doe Deere knows this. Her fans know that. That is why she is popular. She is staying connected with people that are patronizing her brand of cosmetics. This is why the fans love her. She has done what the big name executives have not done. She has continued to be a force in the industry where small companies may struggle. Doe Deere has been able to break the mold with Lime Crime and get people interested in what she has to offer with cosmetics.




Securus video visitation is more than just a video conference app

Historically, one of the main problems that prisons throughout the United States have faced is the illicit use of their communication systems by prisoners and gangs who are attempting to perpetrate criminal acts. This can range from extortion of other inmates to ordering hits and witness intimidation over the phone lines. The seriousness of this problem almost cannot be overstated.


But Securus Technologies, through the use of innovative VoIP-based communications technology, is beginning to bring an end to the use of prison communications devices for criminal activities. This is because Securus’ video visitation systems come with a suite of highly sophisticated security measures, which allow corrections officers and other prison staff to closely monitor and control all communications taking place on the prison systems.


Many inmates and their families have complained that Securus’ video visitation system is very similar to other video conference apps that they see on their computers and can oftentimes use for free. But this misses the aspects of Securus system that are taking place behind the scenes. Through the use of artificial intelligence and highly advanced transcription technology, Securus’ video visitation systems are able to monitor all conversations taking place across the prison, simultaneously.


The system is able to automatically monitor all conversations by parsing transcriptions of the conversations. The system then automatically looks for anomalous patterns, including the use of code words references to illegal activity and even whether or not the voice recognition system detects any banned parties or otherwise flagged individuals who have been previously identified as a threats to the institutional security and safety.


The system, in this way, is able to automatically prioritize cases, only bringing the most serious potential incidents and breeches to the attention of corrections officers. This allows officers to only spend their time on the most pressing concerns, leading to dramatically increased efficiency and, ultimately, increased safety of the institution.




Madison Street Capital Remains ahead in the Provision of Mergers and Acquisition Services

The Madison Street Capital is a middle-market firm dealing in investment banking. Early last month, the firm, acted as an exclusive financial advisor to the DCG Software Value when it was merging with The Spitfire Group. The former is an international provider of software estimation services, function point analysis, and software value management; while the latter is a technology consulting firm with its headquarters in Denver.


Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison, announced the transaction led by Jay Rodgers. The terms and conditions of the transaction remained undisclosed. Botchway highlighted that the two companies are managed by highly experienced management teams that include Mark Richtermeyer, Spitfire’s CEO, and DCG Software Value’s CEO, Mike Harris. Botchway also expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to work with the two pioneers of Business IT industry.


Harris stated that the team under the stewardship of Jay Rodger had provided a thoughtful insight and a powerful analysis from their first engagement to the sealing of the deal. He added that he and Mike were looking forward to working together with the Madison team so that they could find extra ways in which they can help more clients boost their software value.


About Madison Street Capital


The reputation of Madison Street Capital surpasses the firm. It is an international investment bank that is committed to excellence, integrity, and leadership in providing financial advisory services to businesses that are either privately or publicly held.


Madison understands that the time sensitivity of corporate finance is crucial, and with this reason, it responds promptly to these opportunities the moment they present themselves. The firm’s approach creates corporate financial trades where business owners and investors benefit mutually. Madison claims that it is well equipped with experience and knowledge capable of bringing buyers and sellers together with other forms of appropriate financing and capitalization structures to any circumstance impending a client.


The methodology adopted by the firm reflects substantial expertise and experience in the business financial field. Madison also provides services in due diligence and market pricing, valuations, mergers and acquisition, deal structuring, implementation of alternative exit approaches, and specialized financing.


Throughout their professional experience, the firm has assisted various clients in different industries to achieve their targets in more convenient ways. The experience and understanding of the corporate financial fields and the corporate governance are attributed as the reasons Madison Street Capital reputation remains unstained in the provision of financial advisory services, valuation services, and mergers and acquisition.


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Soros Rises Again

George Soros scaled $27 million during the 2004 campaign in a spending meant to defeat President George W. Bush. He emerged again as a leading funder of the Democratic politics during the 2016 campaigns, and he is also the leading investor of conservatives. He donated $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates. By the end of June 2016, Soros had given $7 million in support of Clinton through a donation to a super PAC known as Priorities USA Action. It was the single largest recipients of Soros’ donations. He also gave $2 million to an opposition research PAC known as American Bridge 21st Century. Approximately $0.7 million was also donated to an assortment of Democratic Party committees including Clinton’s campaigns and PACs.

According to his associates, Soros has accumulated a fortune of approximately $24.9 billion through risky currency trades. The Hungarian-born billionaire did not attend Clinton’s Democratic presidential nomination whom it is said he had had a 25-year relationship. The associates of Soros explained that the billionaire had just returned to active trading and had to monitor the economic situation in Europe at the time closely. The people close to him noted he was more engaged in politics in 2016 than in the previous years. His political adviser, Michael Vachon noted Soros has been a consistent donor to liberal causes but had increased his donations in 2016. He explained the commitment was due to Soros’s great care of the issues he has supported in the many years such as immigration reforms, religious tolerance, and criminal justice reforms. Read this story at about George Soros.

Apart from funding campaigns, in 2015, George Soros made the headlines when he was the solitary man at the center of the Ferguson protest movements. The man who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe surprised many with his support of the protest. Soros has forged a political machine that is powered by nonprofit making organizations that have a massive impact on the policy and politics of America. He stimulated the movement through several years of funding and mobilization of groups across U.S. He contributed at least $ 33 million in one year in support of the established groups that inspired the grassroots on the ground activists in Ferguson. The financial donations gave rise to an explosive protest movement that transformed one-day criminal event in Missouri into twenty-four hours a day national movement. The director of Soros’ open society, Kenneth Zimmerman noted that at the open society they believe having people participate in government is essential to living a just and more democratic society. It explained the involvement of Soros in the society and his funding of campaigns. Soros is committed to helping groups combine their policies, research, and collection of data to make the community more accountable. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.