The Multi Award-Winning Publicist Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is the founder of Neogama, an advertising agency in Brazil. He is a multi-award winning publicist gathering awards at the Cannes Film Festival, Association of Professionals of Propaganda and other awards like the Caboré Award of Entrepreneur. He was a member of the Board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies (ABAP), and was a partner with the British automotive company Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) based in Liverpool, United Kingdom. He also served as the chairman of the jury of the International Film Jury of the British association D and AD.

Alexandre Gama graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado and began his advertising career as a writer. Until then he worked as a copywriter and became the most awarded writer in Brazil. He became a partner and vice president to creation of AlmapBBDO and President/CEO and COO of Young and Rubicam. He then left to start up his own agency, Neogama.

After this, Gama joined Neogama to BBH, a London branch, and became Neogama/BBH, where it maintained a majority stake in the company. In the following years, they also gathered awards such as Agent of the Year by Meio and Mensagem newspaper becoming the youngest agency to win the Cabore Prize and won again several awards again after that in the category of press and film but later on disconnected to BBH network and renamed it neogama again. He started to dedicate its operations fully to Brazil.


Jason Hope eyes a future ruled by the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is one of Arizona’s most innovative entrepreneurs. Recently, he’s been publishing a flurry of articles detailing how the coming technologies that make up the Internet of Things will shape people’s lives in the future.

One of the more interesting topics that Jason Hope has been addressing is the disconnect between expectations of technological progress and what has actually occurred. Besides the widespread adoption of computer technology, many of the amenities that define the average American’s daily life have not significantly improved over the last 70 years.

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How much better are today’s cars?

Watch an old movie like Vertigo, and it becomes hard not to feel pangs of nostalgia for the simpler and, in many ways, more stylish time depicted. One of the things that most captures people’s imagination about the late ’50s to mid-’60s is the rakishness and daring automotive style of the era. It leads to the question, how much better are today’s cars than those of 50 to 60 years ago?

The question must necessarily resort to arguments of taste. But there are some objective criteria. In 1960, nearly every single production car could travel at least 90 miles per hour, sustained. That means that nearly every car was practically as fast as today’s cars. Safety was considerably shakier but styling was often arguably far superior. Gas mileage was lower. But there were still cars that could easily get 20 mpg, an amount that many consumers today would be willing to accept. Hope asks, why, then, haven’t cars meaningfully improved?

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Attorney- Jeremy Goldestein

If one is searching for a lawyer to handle issues on child custody, have a problem with the tenant or landlord, or even criminal issues in New York is now quick and easy. New York City residence, now has a convenient way of finding experienced lawyers in their community. The New York State Bar Association’s Trusted Lawyers Referrals and Information Services (LRIS), recently launched a new online sit for New Yorkers seeking Lawyers. The Law years organization deliver its services 24 hours a day, have active online services and its clients can as well use their telephone services.

The management team at the agency mentioned that people often need lawyers in times of trouble and their referral desk is always open, and one can a get a lawyer to lower their pressure and help them with the legal issues. The State Bar President Claire P. Gutekunst said that individuals who need lawyers are assured of getting the best lawyers who have excellent credentials, and have been tested by the New York State Bar Association. Together with, the New York State Bar developed the new online marketing site. is an organization that is responsible for providing referral management technology, and marketplace for the legal industry.

Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Jeremy Goldstein & Associates is a law firm that is committed to advising g compensation committees, Chief Executive Officers, Managers, and corporations on governance issues. Before establishing the law firm, Jeremy Goldstein was a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, and Rosen& Katz. He has seen in various transactions including the acquisition of Goodrich when it was being acquired by United Technologies.

Jeremy Goldstein is a leader who has held various top leadership positions in different organizations including being the Chairperson of the merger and acquisitions subcommittee of the Executive compensation committee of the American Bar Association Business sector. He is an author and also a motivational speaker.

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A Look At The Mall That Roberto Santiago Built

Roberto Santiago, who was born in João Pessoa, Brazil, greatest business accomplishment is the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall which he completed in 1989. The mall is considered one of the crown jewels of retail in the state capital city of João Pessoa. Since founding the mall Santiago has expanded it five times and it is now one of the largest shopping malls in the Brazilian state of Paraíba. In addition to shopping, the Manaira Shopping mall features many forms of recreation for guests to partake in as well as a college campus on the site.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping features 280 stores over 75,000 m² space. Roberto Santiago wants the mall to appeal to people of all ages so he has made sure that there are stores, spaces, and events the whole family can enjoy. The mall has a movie theater with 11 screens that features the most advanced video and audio equipment. The chairs in the theater are placed in such a way that every seat can view the entire screen with nothing blocking the way. Santiago also included a bowling alley in Manaira Shopping that also includes an arcade with over 200 video games that feature gameplay meant to appeal to everyone from beginners to seasoned veterans.

One of the expansions of Manaira Shopping Roberto Santiago had constructed was a large expansion of the food court. Every type of food is now available from hamburgers to tacos to sushi. It also features upscale restaurants such as Espaço Gourmet, NAU Restaurant, and Capital Steak House. Additionally, Manaira Shopping has a ballroom and gym for reasons to come back often.

Another recent addition to the mall that Roberto Santiago had completed was Domus Hall which was finished in 2009. Domus Hall is a concert hall located on the roof of Manaira Shopping and features two levels. The lower level is for more private events while the top, which can hold up to 8,000 people, can hold concerts, conventions, art showings, theatrical performances, and other public events. Domus Hall is also air-conditioned so it can be used year round.

Roberto Santiago has brought João Pessoa a great amount of economic, social, and cultural development. The mall has brought in residential construction all around it as well as bringing in companies that want to develop near it. The shopping center segment of the Brazilian economy grew by 6.5% in 2015 and likely grew by over 5% during 2016. In both years over 2 million people visited and shopped at Manaira Shopping. The manager of Manaira Shopping, Rafaela Barros, has said that the shopping mall sector is stable and he is expecting it to grow over the next several years. Read more articles on

Copa Star Has Reached High Standards In Health Care Segment

It took three years for the Hospital Copa Star to get constructed. It is located in the wonderful city of Rio. Specifically, Copa Star is located in Figueiredo Magalhães Street which is in Copacabana. With this hospital, people in Rio have received new standards in the healthcare segment.

There is a lot that Copa Star Hospital embodies. It offers qualified service from highly educated and trained doctors and other staff. Besides, it offers the ultimate in comfort and luxury. The hospital makes use of sophisticated technology in order to provide the best care to its patients.

The architecture of this project resembles that of any other five star hotels. This hospital is a part of the concept that is being followed by the D’Or São Luiz Network. Hence they are going to implement the same concept in their other endeavors too.

This hospital is spread over 21,000 square feet of area. It is a seven-storied building. This hospital embodies innovation along with refinement. It provides a lot of convenience to the patient too. This is not found in any other hospital. A touch on the iPad enables the patients to have a conversation with their doctor. In the same way, they can request attention from their nurses or other attending staff. This technology has led to a lot of automation. They can change their bed features this way. In the same way, the intern will be able to change the lighting of the room. The curtains can be opened or closed like this. The doctor and other medical staff can access the examination reports easily this way.

The Copa Star was constructed with an investment that exceeded $ 400 million. Its construction started in 2013. Earlier the patients had to go to Sao Paulo or Albert Einstein in order to get good medical care. But now surgery and cardiovascular care is available at Hospital Copa Star.

Providing comfort by providing professional staff along with hotel type accommodations aids in the recovery of patients. The environment in Copa Star unites technology along with comfort that aids human experience.

Patients like to visit Copa Star as they get access to personalized as well as exclusive service. There are many thoughtful features such as ample area that allow for stretchers to pass through easily. This is not all. There is internal aromatization in order to take away the hospital smell. Besides, there are artworks on the wall. This gives the place a unique and attractive look.

This concept is not going to be limited to Rio only. It would soon be extended to other cities such as São Paulo and Brasília, besides others. This way others will also be able to make use of such innovative facilities. Read more at SSC Magazine about Copa Star.


Madison Street Capital a firm that is involved in banking services internationally, its main goal is to ensure that its clients get quality services. The banks key role is to ensure there is good leadership within the institution, services are provided at the required time and that there is a high rate of integrity among the employees and the senior staff. The clients come first and for this they work with a lot of enthusiasm and provide the best customer care services to the customers. This has led the firm to gain a lot of trust from the clients worldwide and they receive new customers each day whom are referred by the existing ones.



The firm offers its services to both private and public sectors; this makes it more competent in the world’s markets. Services offered by the firm include offering financial advice to the corporates, deposits and loan disbursement to individuals and businesses and merger and acquisition expertise. Loans can be given to people who want to expand their business and corporates who are in need of funds for running various projects. Their interest rate is very reasonable and this makes them the best financial institution to work with. They have offices in Africa, Asia and north America.



The headquarters of this financial institution is in Chicago, it is a private company that has operated for more than ten years. It has gained a lot of experience in the industry and as a result they know well the customers’ needs and they design their products in line with these needs. The company has offered employment opportunities to thousands of young people in different parts of the world.



The employees are well qualified for the job and work with a lot of professionalism. They are all aware that a customer is the most important part of their business and so they treat them with patience and a lot of understanding. The firm has helped thousands of customers get financial advice over the years and for this it has a good record of excellence and execution of work in the banking sector. Also it has various contacts ranging from telephone numbers, email addresses and also a website where one is able to get into contact with them in case of a question or a clarification. The firm has a record of providing funds to large businesses and corporates worldwide and this makes them the ideal place to put your investments. Madison Street Capital reputation increases with every customer they serve.

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Brad Reifler Gives $3 Million To Veterans

Brad Reifler is someone who you may not have heard of, but need to know about. He is a serial investor, entrepreneur, and executive. He has founded many companies and is now in charge of Forefront Capital.

As the CEO and founder of his own capital firm, he knows first hand how difficult the financial markets can be, not to mention unpredictable. So it is a welcome surprise that such a legendary leader in the world of finance is choosing to donate such a large sum rather than keep it himself.

He didn’t always start as the head of his own firm, however. He didn’t start his own business until 1982, after he graduated from college. He proceeded to build two businesses over 10 years before becoming a partner at Pali Capital. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

At Pali, he was tasked with working the sales desk, bringing in new business, talking with clients, and analyzing international trade and investments. After a successful exit from that firm, Brad Reifler finally founded Forefront.

Now, Forefront is not just a firm, but also a way to give back to communities in need, Brad Reifler says. He is happy to partner with Seals Dixon, a center that aids veterans in the military with the kind of basic care that they need.

Often times, they come back from service and are unable to provide for their families. That’s why they gave them $3 million, to cover medical, job, health, and other services for the vets and their families. It’s a shining example of how to give back.

Bloomberg reported that Brad Reifler loves that his firm is able to help the group while also providing additional upside for investors. And a rep from the center for veterans said they are pleased to be partners as well.

When it comes to charity and financial experts, the two don’t always mix. However, Brad Reifler is proving that doing the right thing is fun, and it can be profitable too. Hopefully, their efforts to help the veterans in need will act as a model that others in the industry will follow sooner, if not later on.

How Mike Baur Has Motivated Young Entrepreneurs Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is acclaimed in Switzerland for offering support to young entrepreneurs across the country. He is a successful individual who has been working with talented startups by offering them the skills needed to confront the competitive market. Mike Baur founded the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014 and the company has been serving many startups across the country. Through a three months incubation system, he has managed to offer all the needed tools that any startup can utilize to prepare for growth. He has been working with highly successful experts, who guide the entrepreneurs in various aspects of managing startups.


Acceleration program

Within the three months, the Swiss Startup Factory offers an acceleration program that allows the startup to learn about the basics of managing itself and configuring operations to prepare for growth. This program is managed by experts, who help the entrepreneurs to set ambitious milestones. They give ideas on the best way the business can operate to reach the milestones set and to avoid giving in to the challenges that appear along the way.


Post-accelerator support

The six months after the incubation program determine the path the business should. This is the period when the startup is supposed to test its capabilities and to explore possibilities in the market. Having to test the market for the first time is not the best experience and could prove complicated than most entrepreneurs imagine. This is the reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers the post-accelerator support, which ensures the startup makes the right decisions and that it picks the right path towards growth. Any mistakes at the initial steps could land the business into losses and this is not something many startups want to go through.


Financial support

Most importantly, if finances are the problem, the Swiss Startup Factory effectively caters for that through investors, who are individuals who have many connections across the country and beyond. Once the startup has passed all the stages of the incubation process, it can easily find a partner in the wide pool of investors.


More about Mike Baur

Born is Fribourg, Mike Baur is an example of individuals who followed their passion to the letter. During his teenage years, he used to admire banking, and to make his dream a reality, he pursued finance and banking. He then landed a job in the private banking sector of Switzerland, where he worked for close to 20 years. In 2014, he made a bold move that saw him exit the industry to enter into entrepreneurship.



How Did EOS Lip Balm Outmaneuver Chapstick?

Every age has its powerful brand, which none think is assailable. For the 1980s computer industry, the brand was International Business Machine (IBM). The folks in the business simply called them “Big Blue.” They were the stalwart and dominated the market.

But, today Apple is “King of the Hill.” It was able to conquer IBM, by offering a more chic, streamlined, consumer-friendly computer. The same can be said for EOS Lip Balm.

“Dare to Be Different”

Most multinational corporations struggle to innovate. When your brand is #1 – there is no reason for change.

EOS made consumers happy.

Chapstick has been around for years and its sticks are very popular, but boring. The container is drab, just like the old IBM desktops. EOS provided a more aesthetically appealing container. Check out their website

“Enjoyable Experience”

Women like curved items, which might fit more in line with who they are. The EOS container is an egg. Of course, this has many important symbolic strengths for mothers. EOS has created a more female-friendly product.

It really was similar to Apple electronic devices. They aimed at creating fun, graphics systems in consoles which looked cool. Apple and EOS products can be displayed with pride.

“Style Conscious”

When your consumer “wants to use your product,” you have won. When your customer “wants to display your product,” you have won. EOS lip balm was successful due to becoming a stylish protective product, which satisfied their customer’s wants and needs.

It is not easy to conquer the industry leader. If you concentrate on under-served niches, then you have a chance. Be as cool as your customers are. TO learn more, visit

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