Highlighting Challenges Faced in Transportation

It was during the Growth Summit in Williamson County that transport experts gathered to give their opinions on how to ease traffic which is termed as the biggest challenge in the transportation infrastructure of Williamson County. The summit was held at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center. It was an excellent opportunity to highlight the transportation challenges that Williamson County and the suburban communities face. The people who sat on the panel included Jared Ficklin from Argo Designs, Leandre Johns who is the director of external affairs at Uber Technologies Inc. Texas, Joseph Kosper who is the founder of RideScout LLC, and Mike Heiligenstein who is the Executive Director at CTRMA (Central Texas Mobility Authority). The panel discussion centered on the manner in which technology is altering transportation face in the region of Austin and all over the world.


Mike Heiligenstein said that the new technologies like ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles have the potential to change transportation infrastructure. He added that the area of Austin should invest in expanding the transportation capacity of its area by creating roads that are smarter. Mike added that this was the only guaranteed method to solve the mobility demands of a fast growing population of the Williamson County. Mike stated that the county had done an amazing work of changing its infrastructure over the last fifteen years, but more needs to be done since more people will come there soon. He said that the corridors that are remaining would be required to be made more efficient and smarter at some point. Mr. Ficklin said that the future parking garage would comprise of many levels of only 5ft tall and one inch taller than a car. It will have a service station on one of the levels and a charging station on another level.


John from Uber stated that Austin region’s commuters require solutions that will get them off and onto public transit. He added that this is where ridesharing companies like Uber Technologies, Inc. come in. John stated that they could work with Williamson County to form subsidies that assist the transit agency and the rider. Mike Heiligenstein was appointed by the Board to lead CTRMA in 2003. He has worked as an elected official in the Williamson County for over 23 years. He is a former chairman of the Clean Air Force of Texas. He once serves in the Austin-San Antonio Corridor Council. CTRMA was formed in 2002 as an independent government agency so as to come up with a new regional transportation network in Central Texas.

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The Recognition of Helane Morrison’s work at the SEC.

Helane Morrison is an attorney who has been serving for more than two decades at the Securities and Exchange Commission. She has held various positions including being the director of enforcement programs in the last three years at the San Francisco district office. Morrison’s performance at her role was exceptional, and that facilitated her promotion to serve as the chief of the district. The SEC’s CEO, Arthur Levitt revealed her new position to the public.


Morrison’s new responsibilities at the SEC include being the supervisor of both the analysis and the enforcement undertakings that happen under the authority of the San Francisco district office. The areas that she heads are Washington, North Nevada, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, and North California. Her office is based in the Pacific region, which is currently managed from Los Angeles. The position that Helane currently holds was left vacant after the former chief, David Bayless, left the SEC to join Morrison & Foerster law company, where he currently serves as a partner.


The attorney effectively served her role when she was working for the San Francisco office’s investigation departments. The inspections that she conducted were successful, and they include ones that led to legal action against the Dean Witter and the California Micro Device’s auditors. She also had a thriving career before the SEC hired her. Morison was an attorney for companies that were facing cases against the SEC and financial institutions that had been sued in class actions. She also offered legal representation to stock intermediaries and trade companies in arbitrations whenever they were litigated by clients. One of the major law companies that she worked for is the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, which is well recognized in San Francisco.


Helane is now 46 years old and has made noteworthy achievements in her career and at the SEC. She is known for being one of the few female heads of the organization. The other district chiefs are Mary Keefe, Carmen Lawrence, and Valerie Caproni who are managing the Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles regions. Morison’s administration has currently doubled the number of employees that serve it from 30 to 60 due to the rise of responsibilities at the investigation and the enforcement departments within the San Francisco district office. The function of the inquiry unit is to scrutinize the financial books of mutual funds, investment advisors, and brokerage firms. The enforcement department is responsible for taking action on the investigation report that it receives.


Desiree Perez Wants To Put Tidal On The Map

Rooting For The Underdog

When Tidal emerged on the scene, it faced stiff competition from the existing music streaming services. Spotify and Apple Music had years of experience and brand familiarity on there side. Despite this Desiree Perez has done everything she can to take on the challenge they have brought. With the support of major artists, Tidal is building a library of exclusives you can’t find anywhere else. The tides are starting to turn in Tidal’s favor.

Why Jay Z Created Tidal

Jay Z created Tidal to give artists a chance to take back control of the revenue generated by their music. With his years of experience in the industry he understands how some artists succeed and how some artists fail. Unfortunately, the music industry is facing a sort of crisis. Tidal is a chance to turn everything around the music industry and make it great again.

Standing Out From The Crowd

The internet has made it all too easy for people to pirate music without any troubles. While streaming services provide some revenue to artists, they cannot make up for the loss incurred to piracy. However, Tidal changes this by making itself the platform where artists can drop their hits first. Additionally, Tidal pays artists royalties higher than any other music streaming platformed. For fans, Tidal provides audio at a much higher quality than other streaming services. All music streamed on Tidal is provided in a lossless format, which means fans can enjoy the music as it was originally intended. Other streaming services simply can’t provide the same quality product that Tidal gives.

The Long Term Goal

Desiree Perez understands the music industry well. She believes Tidal will win in the long term in the streaming market by giving artists a reason to support music streaming. For years, artists have watched sales go down as the internet matured and pirates found new ways to steal music. Finally, they have a chance to use the web to put things back in their favor. Tidal is still growing, but it has no where to go but up.

Party and Work with Magnises

Magnises, founded in 2014, is a private club aimed towards privileged millennials offering luxurious benefits in major cities along the East Coast. This exclusive club provides discounts to restaurants, bars, and clubs with just a flash of the card. Other benefits include vacations to places such as Tahiti or New Zealand and exclusive, private concerts.

The man behind this club is Billy McFarland. Only twenty-three years old when he created it, he wanted to connect millennials with up-and-coming businesses, both online and in physical form. After about a year, the club has approximately 6,000 members who pay $250 a year just to have the card. McFarland began his entrepreneurial career at only thirteen when he founded an online company to match clients to designers. He is not only the CEO of Magnises, but he is also the founder and CEO of Spling (2010). He still is CEO of both companies and is now only 25 years old.

Millennials are the targeted age group that this company is built for, most of whom work in fashion, technological, and finance industries. Prospective members must submit an application for approval to join the club and use the benefits offered. One way to boost up the application review process is if a person works for a company Magnises would like to sign a partnership with.

As of 2016, the club has created new benefits for its members such as WorkPass, which provides members access to work in the offices in Alley, the base of Magnises’ operations, at a discounted price of $99 a month from the normal $500 per month for non-members. Other benefits include ClubPass, which allows members access to the top nightclubs for only $65 a month, and HotelPass, which allows members can stay at The Dream Hotel in New York for a discount. Normally $245 a night, members can stay for only $79 a night, giving approximately a 32% discount.

The club allows for a mixture of partying and working to go hand-in-hand without any frowns upon them. Companies, such as Tesla, have signed contracts to Magnises. Restaurants La Equina and Catch have also signed contracts along with clubs Finale and Goldbar. Another discount includes helicopter flights to the Hamptons. Magnises allows working millennials to have access to exclusive clubs and a luxurious lifestyle. It’s just the right combination of working and relaxing. It’s almost as if a member is paid to take advantage of the benefits Magnises offers.

Why Wessex

Wessex Institute of Technology is an educational and research facility with the aim to develop transfer mechanisms to allow for a fluid exchange of information between academics and those working within the actual fields. To accomplish this goal, Wessex has developed a multitude of courses to train individuals to be able to work together more easily. Their courses, which attract students from all over the world, are led by accomplished specialists from all over the world. One example of a Wessex course is their upcoming short course on security system integration. While the course is aimed to keep those working in the world of security up to date on not only the latest technology, but also on the procedure and protocol that allow for emergency management and disaster recovery.

Another great example of a Wessex course is the workshop on transport and disaster risk management. During this workshop, participants will learn to create plans to mitigate the impact on transportation in the event of disaster scenarios. They will also learn about how infrastructure can be adapted to prevent future problems as well as many other useful skills.

Wessex has a wide variety of professional courses, which is why Wessex Institute of Technology is the perfect place for those looking to get more out of their business, whatever that may be.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association – Committed To Excellence & Philanthropy

It is crucial for health care workers, administering anesthetic agents, to meet the high standard this process requires.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA), located in Austin, TX, founded in 1973, consists of doctors and Certified Register Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) working in the area of anesthesiology. This independent practice is committed to offering superior service to more than 20 health care facilities around the Austin area.

CCA are in employed in places such as Trauma Centers and various high-acuity hospitals, which means they must be highly attentive.

Many of the physicians have completed education in anesthesia and have skills, which are utilized in multiple fields including cardiothoaracic, obstetric and pediatric anesthesiology. They collaborate with the professional CRNAs, to make the whole experience comfortable for the patients.

The different types of anesthesia administered is Local / MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care), Regional, Obstetric, Pediatric, Cardiovascular and General.

Charitable works

Members of CCA are involved in numerous benevolent organizations including:

Austin Smiles and Operation Smiles – These programs provides corrective surgery for people in the Austin area and worldwide, who suffer from cleft palates and facial deformities.

Family Eldercare – This association offers support, in the form of services for the elderly, handicapped adults and primary care providers.

Eels on Wheels – Disabled individuals can engage in scuba diving, thanks to this non-profit organization.

Capitol Anesthesiology Association has always made the needs of their patients a top priority. They continue to maintain their quality care by keeping abreast of the latest education and technology in their specialty.

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Oncotarget For Oncology Research

Oncotarget is a scientific platform dedicated to the submission of scientific papers that deal with the study of oncology and related topics. Even though the main topic focuses in the oncology research area, other topics can include articles about cardiology, immunology, microbiology, endocrinology, neuropathology, geotarget aging, cell biology, metabolism and other pertinent subjects.

Papers and articles are submitted to Oncotarget, and they are to follow the COPE code of conduct and Best Practice Guidelines by The Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers as well as Guidelines for Junior Editors at http://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=19900191708&tip=sid.

The Editors-in-Chief are Mikhail V. Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York.

Manuscripts are submitted and evaluated mainly on their uniqueness and their relevancy to the overall needs of the scientific community and the conclusions that article brings forth. The evaluation on ResearchGate.net is conducted by editors who are peers in the field which gives credibility to the authenticity of the article and its content.

At least two reviewers will evaluate an article and these reviewers must be experts in the field of endeavor in which the article is speaking. The peer review system on oncotarget.com is important as it is important to know that the content of the manuscripts are thoroughly reviewed in-depth so that the subject matter is objectively reviewed and discussed.

The editors who review the articles, as well as the editorial staff, are not permitted to talk to anyone else except the authors about the subject matter or content of the paper.
The confidentiality of the papers ensures that there will be no other input into the actual content other than the authors.

Papers will not be accepted that contain any damaging information about others, political opinions, copyright infringement, fabrications of facts, falsification, or any plagiarism.

The objectivity of the peer reviewers Of Oncotarget is an important factor in the process, and other published documents that are relevant to the subject matter should be cited by the authors. There should also be mention of any published work that is similar or substantially similar to the submitted material.

If there is any conflict of interest among the peer reviewers, the issue should be brought to light and discussed with the editors and the editorial staff. Authors of the manuscripts should state their thesis clearly and come to a logical conclusion, with adequate citations and data to support their conclusions.

In conclusion, great care is taken to present authentic, well-researched topics, with the final results showing definite conclusions which add to the current body of information in a given area. The publisher of Oncotarget commits to the ethical and correct content of the publications and availability of the materials to the appropriate parties.

The Legacy of Marc Sparks

A legacy is what an individual leaves behind after she dies. Though she will eventually fade along with those who knew her, her legacy will outlive them all. Those who are truly great have legacies that last centuries. People know the names of their national heroes because they were great individuals.

Everybody who knew someone like Rosa Parks is gone. All of George Washington close friends, family, and the nation of people who adored him are all gone. Yet their legacies outlive them and the people still esteem them. Generations from now, the legacy of the serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks will outlive him.

Everybody Loves A Comeback

One reason that a man such as Ben Carson will receive so much attention is that he climbed from the bottom all the way to the top. He went from being one of the poorest kids in the world to one of the wealthiest men in the world through hard work and determination.

People love the story of a comeback. Marc Sparks is something of a comeback as well. When his teachers in high school saw him, they only saw an average kid whose grades typically stayed in the range of C+ to B-. But today, he is a published author and has started several companies. He is the classical story of a comeback, and that story is what will outlive him.

His Work With The Homeless

Most people just walk by the homeless man. Some may think that they wish they could do something for him, or they may drop a penny in his cup to ease their conscience. But when people are freezing and starving to death on the streets, they need more than spare change.

They need someone who will step forward and offer a real hand. They need someone who has true empathy for them and their situation. Men such as Marc Sparks will be remembered for their love for the homeless. He has always been a devoted contributor to the homeless shelter in Texas known as The Samaritan Inn. Similarly, he contributes to Habitat For Humanity, which builds homes for the poor and the homeless.

When history speaks of a man such as Marc Sparks, it will recall someone who was more than a businessman. Yes, he was a wildly successful entrepreneur, but he was much more. He was a man of empathy and charity.

Capitol Anesthesiology Associates: Positivity Makes a Difference

Capitol Anesthesiology Association, CAA, is paving the way for positive changes within the health care system. This independent anesthesiology practice has been in business since 1973 and serves more than two dozen facilities within the Austin, Texas area. In addition to the services provided to area facilities, CAA also contributes to the community.

Available Services

CAA provides anesthesiology services in such areas as obstetrics, pediatrics, local/MAC (monitored anesthesia services), and cariovascular and thoracic specialties. Of course, they also offer general and regional anesthesiology. All services are provided by highly trained staff in both the hospitals and ambulatory care centers.

Quality Providers

This practice prides itself on some of the most knowledgeable and highly trained practitioners within the industry. CAA employs both physicians and certified registered nurse anesthesists, (CRNA’s). This helps to ensure the highest quality of professional care.

Community Involvement

Capitol Anesthesiology Association has combined efforts with many non-profit organizations in order to give back to the community. Staff gives time and service to establishments implemented to assist underserved populations such as the elderly and children. This includes well known organizations such as Family Eldercare, Operation Smile and Children’s Medical Center Foundation, just to name a few.

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