George Soros Couldn’t Get Clinton In The White House, But He Did Help Defeat Joe Arpaio

Billionaire investor George Soros may not have been able to get Hillary Clinton into the White House, but he was able to get Sheriff Joe Arpaio out of Arizona’s Maricopa County. It has recently been revealed George Soros spent about $2 million against the divisive County Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the local elections this year.

After filing campaign finance documents, Soros’s PAC Maricopa Strong was found to have spent a great deal on anti-Joe Arpaio ads. The report also revealed that Steve Job’s widow, Laurence Powell Jobs, donated $250,000 to this cause, and Texas billionaires Laura and John Arnold donated $500,000 against Arpaio.

Besides local elections, Soros is known for his large donations to former Democratic presidential candidates. Soros gave an estimated $27 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush in 2004, and he donated $25 million to help Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton defeat Republican Donald Trump this year.

Since Donald Trump won the White House in November, Soros has been meeting with other liberal donors to decide what to do with their large funds. A meeting was recently held at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Washington D.C. to discuss this very issue.

George Soros has come out publicly and denounced the rise in hate speech and hate crimes since Donald Trump’s victory. Soros said he plans on donating $10 million to further this cause in the ensuing weeks.

Getting back to Soros’s donations to local campaigns, Soros’s PACs were found to have spent large amounts of money in races in Houston’s Harris County, Phoenix’s Maricopa County, and both Gilpin and Jefferson counties near Denver.

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One reason Soros was so keen on investing against Arpaio was due to Arpaio’s strong stance against illegal immigration. Soros, himself an an emigrant of Hungary, is passionate about amnesty and immigrant’s rights issues. Soros has been committed in recent days to raising awareness and funds for migrants entering into Europe.

Most recently, George Soros pledged $500 million to help the refugees and migrants in Europe. This money will specifically go towards helping migrants integrate into their host countries by investing in startups and other established businesses.

Most of Soros’s funds went into positive political TV ads for Arpaio’s rival, the Democratic candidate Paul Penzone. One of the Soros-backed ads told viewers “Arpaio talks tough, but he doesn’t keep us safe.”

Employees at Soros’s PAC said there were two main reasons Soros invested heavily in this race. The first reason was that Soros believed Joe Arpaio was abusing his powers and violating civil rights. The second reason has to do with the national attention Arpaio has been receiving. Soros believes Arpaio’s strong stance against illegal immigration has been bad for the national conversation on immigration reform and amnesty.

Arpaio raised about $2.8 million from various sources for his own political TV ads. The Arpaio campaign relied heavily on Arpio’s national name recognition to gather donations from supporters.

It seems Soros’s efforts in Arizona helped Paul Penzone win the election. Penzone won against Arpaio 54 percent to 45 percent.

Christmas with Securus

Securus is a technology company that serves the various jail industries. They have worked hard to make sure that they have different options for people who are in prison and for the people who they love. By doing different things in the jail industry, Securus has given the inmates the chance to make things easier on themselves. They provide commissary options for inmates, have video chatting options and even do special things during the holidays so that inmates can have a better time during this often depressing time of year while they are in prison and away from their families.


In the past, inmates were expected to buy their commissary goods directly from the prison. This meant that things were much more expensive, they were harder to get and a staff member had to be present for people to be able to buy things from commissary. With Securus, the only thing that prisoners need to do is place their order on the kiosk. The only part of the process that staff members are involved in is handing out the commissary items to prisoners once they have received them. The process is much safer for the staff of the prison.


Video chatting is huge right now. People do it on their smart phones, on their computers and in virtually every other situation. Prisoners are now also able to do video chatting. It is not always reasonable for loved ones to come visit the prisoners and, for that reason, Securus has come up with the idea of video chatting. While the prisoners still need to be monitored to some extent, video chatting does not require as much of a staff presence as actually receiving a visit to the prison would require people to do in the setting that they are in.

Learn more at about Securus.

Along with the video chats, Securus allows prisoners to do different things during the holidays. They offer reduced rates so that prisoners are able to talk to and see their families while they are in prison during the holidays. This is done for families who are not able to get to the prison or who are unable to visit their loved ones. Securus does this during the holidays because they recognize that this is a hard time for families, especially families that have loved ones who are in prison and who are unable to visit those loved ones during the Christmas season.


How Cone Marshall Has Grown To Join The International Scene

Cone Marshall has grown over the past one decade to become a reliable provider of commercial litigation support to clients from both the local and overseas markets. As a leader in the industry, Cone Marshall has worked on offering quality services. Cone Marshall has created a strong relationship with clients from different countries, who seek the support to manage their tax and estate obligations. Due to the high success rate Cone Marshall has recorded in previous engagements, the firm has won the support of clients from both the local and overseas locations.


To grow into a leader in the local market, Cone Marshall picked a unique approach that not many law firms in New Zealand had tried before. Cone Marshall reaps from specialization, where the firm has been offering services confined to commercial litigation. This approach has helped Cone Marshall to emerge strong and to amass experience that has been key in handling problems.


Most importantly, Cone Marshall has invested in the development of a seamless technological infrastructure that seeks to serve the needs of clients in different categories. Embracing technology has made it easier for the firm to handle several demanding processes and it is among few firms in the country that have included the needs of customers in the design of a technological system for order delivery.


With the current technological integration, clients can easily present information about their problems and they are allowed to join the resolution process by viewing the progress and adding materials at any point whenever necessary.


To make it easier for the staff members to serve clients through the new system, Cone Marshall has put in place training programs that frequently update the team on current procedures that can enhance service delivery.


Good leadership

Before all these achievements were achieved, Cone Marshall had to seek the support of its leaders. The firm is run and managed by professionals who have showed exemplary expertise and dedication to service. Cone Marshall has been working with Karen Marshall since 2005 and she has proved to offer invaluable support that has ensured the different services offered to clients are impressive.


Karen has a record working in commercial litigation across London for more than 10 years before she came to Cone Marshall. Another professional who has put effort to manage Cone Marshall well is Geoffrey Cone, who holds over 30 years experience as a lawyer in commercial litigation.



Raj Fernando Establishes Chopper Trading And Scoutahead

Raj Fernando is among the leading entrepreneurs in the field of finance and technology. He began his career while still in college. Prior to establishing Chopper Trading and Scoutahead, Fernando served as a volunteer for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. During this time, he was a pursuing his education at the esteemed Beloit College. Later, he graduated with a degree in Economics and History. Raj Fernando held multiple positions in the firm. He moved to the Chicago Board of Trade. Between 2001 and 2002, Fernando served in the two prominent organizations. Armed with adequate experience, he founded his preliminary business, Chopper Trading.

Fernando is the CEO of Chopper Trading. He was the brain behind the organization. Through his transformative leadership, Raj enhanced the company’s growth. Chopper attracted and enlisted the services of many employees. In addition, he expanded the company’s operations. Chopper Trading traded on Nasdaq, ICAP-Broketek, CME, Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed, LSE, and Eurex. Recently, Fernando created an internet startup that sought to improve growth at the corporate and professional level. The company, Scoutahead, was designed to enhance output via secure and modern communication systems.

Raj Fernando designed a system that offers real time feedback on employee evaluation. Unlike the traditional system of reviewing employees on a yearly basis, Scoutahead seeks to provide a new way that allows employees to be responsible for their own growth in real time. The platform enables employee participation in deciding their evaluation criteria and in seeking continuous feedback from co-employees before the official review is conducted. It enhances the check-ins between managers and employees, which, in turn, improves talent management. In addition, it focuses on innovation, which is a crucial component for any organization.

Fernando has been actively involved in the functions of the U.S. Commodity Trading Futures Commission. The entity seeks to build transparent and financially sound markets. In 2013, Fernando addressed international media and shareholders at an exclusive industry event, the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference.

Moreover, Fernando supports philanthropic initiatives across in the United States. He sits on the board of various organizations, including American Security Project and PAWS Chicago. Over the years, Raj has supported different institutions such as the Clinton Foundation and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago.

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Danilo Diaz Granados Weighs in on the Immigration Debate


Immigrants have played a paramount role in shaping the U.S. Just look at the immense contributions from individuals like Sergey Brin, Andrew Grove and Steve Chen and Jerry Yang. Sergey from Russia helped co-found Google; Grove co-founded Intel and Mr.Yang; the Taiwanese founder of Yahoo, and finally, we all know of the legendary Steve Jobs, a half-Syrian, who co-founded Apple Inc.


The elephant in the room now becomes: How does one get to the US? As a matter of fact, this particular hot issue has dominated the recent US campaigns gearing up for the election. One side is completely opposed to opening the doors to immigrants while the other thinks, it is perfectly alright, provided the immigrants follow protocol. Well, frankly speaking, there is a myriad of ways one can cross the border to get to America.  Danilo Diaz Granados wrote a great article on the subject, providing unique insight into what makes this possible.


Option #1


Danilo Diaz Granados was recently quoted on Twitter suggesting that the Green Card route remains to be the most viable avenue to going to America.


Option #2

Invest a cool million dollars in any of the major cities in the US. Alternatively, invest $500,000 in a rural area in the US and get an automatic Visa.




One also qualifies if they have an advanced degree preferably a master’s degree and higher. Alternatively, you have to prove you are a real maestro in your field of expertise.




This is open for young kids. All they have to possess is a hundred thousand dollars to invest in the states. They must also come from a member nation in the treaty of nations’ pact.




Talented individuals, for instance, an app developer gets sponsored by an American business to emigrate and work there.




This option provides an opportunity for high-ranking business executives.




There’s also a chance for folks to get a short time visa. They get 3-6 months permits which are renewable.

Danilo Diaz Granados is the founder of Toys for Boys. It is a high-end boutique located in Miami, Florida. Previously, he was an associate of Fireman Capital Partners. Mr. Granados is very active on the social media scene. He graduated from Babson College in 2010. He holds an MBA.

Shea Butter: It’s Also Good For Your Hair!


Shea butter is an oil-rich extract derived from the fruit of the Shea tree, which is indigenous to Africa. It has an oak-like figure, a life span of up to 300 years and has helped to sustain vast regions of Africa for centuries. But here’s why it’s good for your hair:



If you’re looking for something that shimmers and is soft to the touch, heat a mixture of Shea Butter and coconut oil, add a little honey and apply to damp clean hair. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy the perks.



This works particularly well for thick hair. Heat a mixture of Shea butter with olive oil, lightly dampen hair and apply. Seal with the oil of your choosing.



soften a dab of shea butter with the palms of your hands and apply to damp hair. Once you’ve done this, use a detangling brush to work out the knots.



For lustrous curls, use shea butter as your go-to curling cream. It’s simple, just saturate the desired section of hair with a mixture of shea butter and coconut oil, then curl.



To protect your hair from the damaging heat of curling irons and straighteners, melt your shea butter into a liquid and mix with grapeseed oil. Apply a small amount to your hair and style with the iron of your choice.



If your scalp is particularly dry and irritated, use melted shea butter as a treatment, it’s naturally packed with vitamins that help with hydration, it won’t glogg your pores, and its anti-inflammatory properties will protect you against bacteria and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.



Not all shea butter is created equal, however, and many companies don’t specify how much their product contains. Enter Eu’Genia, a family owned company founded in 2014. Eu’Genia’s product is 95% raw shea oil. It is perhaps the finest quality shea butter on the market. The company, a social enterprise, is dedicated to sustainable sourcing.